12 Brilliant Ways to Use Kitchen Command Hooks Easily

12 Brilliant Ways to Use Kitchen Command Hooks Easily

Do your kitchen is too crowded with a lot of items? It looks so annoying if the kitchen is small and full of a lot of furniture storage items. Think to use command hooks to change while adding kitchen function.

By the way, this page has twelve ways how to use it along with how to remove it. Let’s check it, learn it, and then follow how to use command hooks!

12 Brilliant Ideas of using Kitchen Command Hooks

Command hooks will help to tidy up your kitchen with a lot of ideas. A small kitchen will be very happy getting this mini additional hook. There are three steps to install command hooks in the kitchen and other wall areas.

Once success installing the command hooks, it is time to hang many items. Here are 12 intelligence ideas on how to use command hooks for your kitchen:

  1. Install command hook for simple scooping on Mason jar for hanging spoon. See it attaching on sugar, coffee, flour, and other dry food storage containers.
  2. Hang your colander here to save shelf space effectively.
  3. Add hooks to hang kitchen wrap so that you can free up valuable drawer space.
  4. Let command hooks gather your kid’s bibs both at the end of the kitchen cabinets and other spaces.
  5. Both the kitchen and bathroom have a sink. Hang one command hook as the sink saver to hang your watch, bracelet, or while washing dishes or food ingredients.
  6. Do you want to give a little bit of natural sense in the kitchen? Make a mini indoor garden along with command hook to hang planter
  7. Use command hooks to hang your food storage helpers such as plastic wrap and aluminum foil.
  8. You can install a command hook inside the cabinet to put up seasonal decor. Exactly, use it to hang wreaths or other objects to show off.
  9. If you want to dry rubber gloves create a perfect pot to do along with a binder clip. Combine the binder clip and the command hook!
  10. Command hooks are useful to organize spice packets by bundling a binder clip inside the pantry.
  11. It is as well as useful to organize cleaning supplies like brushes, gloves, and other tools under-sink zone.
  12. Lastly, organize baking gear where it is usually tricky to organize. However, this small hook can hang a mixer inside that cabinet easily.

Additional Information: How to remove Command Hooks

If you want to remove it because of any reason start by holding the hook gently. Here, you just hold not press it against the wall. Secondly, pull straight down but not pull it toward you as slow as you can. Afterward, stretch the strip slowly straight down until 15″ and until you can release the hook from the strip.

Well, that is easy and creative on how to use command hooks in the kitchen. Utilize all 12 brilliant ways to have a smart kitchen storage décor. Good luck!

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