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2 Right Ways of How to Hang a Gallery Wall Art

2 Right Ways of How to Hang a Gallery Wall Art

Giving art touch at home is not expensive! Quite use some framed pictures to create a meaningful wall art gallery. Unluckily, some people still do not understand how to hang a gallery wall. What happens? They might do not prepare the supplies and the wall surface first. Besides that, they do not determine the location for their wall art later on. Stop your mistake right now! Follow the easiest way to hang a gallery wall art. Which one do you like? Everything is short and useful!

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Art Easily

Without affordable supplies, you cannot hang your picture gallery. It always becomes the main requirement in how to hang a gallery wall. Moreover, you are demanding to conduct it in the right way. Besides that, the art gallery often appears on the stair wall, living room, hall, bedroom, kitchen, and all interior spaces. Well, here are some supplies to undergo your goal:

Next, here are six simple steps to launch your actions:

  1. Prepare the wall by cleaning from the dust/ nail, level the surface, until painting it.
  2. Secondly, make templates using scissors to cut a wrapping paper. Write each paper template with a different name to avoiding any confusion.
  3. Then, go to the next way to hang a gallery wall. You will screw placement or mark nail on each paper template with an X. To undertake this step, use the backside of the artwork frame to lay it over. On the other hand, you may add a little bit of toothpaste on the hanger before attaching a template on the wall.
  4. Layout the templates on the wall using tape and adjust until you satisfy. Then, anchor larger pieces to the center before filling outward with other media- and smaller-size pieces.
  5. Fifth, add nails/ anchors and then screws your template or to hang each gallery piece properly.
  6. Lastly, you should remove the templates and let them hang your art on the spot that you have prepared.

4 Different Tricks to get the Right Wall Art Gallery

Anyway, four different tricks about how to hang a gallery wall excellently can use for an alternative way. You may combine these tricks and the six steps above if necessary. Here are 4 new tricks to hang your art gallery:

  1. Get rid of the hammer

Different from the prior method, here, you should step away from your hammer. Change it by arranging a gallery-wall game plan that will not remain unnecessary holes on the wall. Start from the largest pieces before building around them.

  1. Cut it off after placing

Draft your gallery by pulling out your craft paper on the floor. Go on placing each frame on the paper and then trace it before cutting it off. This is very important as the way to hang a gallery wall

  1. Trial and re-test

Start to tack up your arrangement using painter’s tape from the larger pieces. Undertake this step from eye level but do not cut corners. Pay attention to the ceiling height and the furniture placement. You can shift a little bit of higher if your ceiling is tall enough.

  1. Seal the Deal

It implies your time to nail is coming. However, check where your picture wire touches the backside. Conduct it especially you use a mixed-sized or vintage frame. This way helps to find your hanger that you will replace with a frame.

Okay, that is two different ways how to hang a gallery wall art perfectly wherever wall that you prepare. Use one based on your truth! Good luck!

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