5 Smart Storage Hacks to Transform Your Bathroom

5 Smart Storage Hacks to Transform Your Bathroom

Smart storage hacks collection can save the decoration of your small bathroom. However, it does not matter to apply in other rooms. Well, do not extend your thinking because the corner of the day is the bathroom storage idea. A small bathroom needs more creative decoration to maximize the function. Such as you know, this room is so sensitive so that it needs privilege treatment. Luckily, this page knows a lot of hacks for small bathroom storage ideas. Have you had one of the following hacks?

5 Smart Storage Hacks for Bathroom with the Touch of Creativity

Are you ready to transform your tiny bathroom keep looking multifunctional? Undertake it easily along with 5 following smart storage hacks ideas:

  1. Behind Door Hacks

The first idea is asking to hang some hacks behind the door. These hacks will be useful for hanging toiletries, towels, pajamas, and others.

  1. Compartment Hacks inside Folded Cloth Storage Space

Use hanging compartments to create the shelves for your folding attire. It is not only smart. However, it is also flexible by foldable and savable when you do not need them.

  1. Shelves over Washing Machine

Your bathroom is extremely multifunction although it is not large. If you want to realize it without damaging the look use shelves above your washing machine.

  1. Hang Scarf and Belt on Shower Rings

If you use a shower curtain door, of course, you have some shower rings. Use the remaining rings to add on the cloth hangers as the smart storage solution. This way is useful for holding your belt and scarf.

  1. Leaning Ladder Rack Hacks

Lastly, there are ladder rack hacks for creating a simple indoor garden. Attach command hooks on the ladder and hang some potted plants. Anyway, the creative bathroom hacks are as well as useful for small-item storage ideas.

Supplies and Instructions to transform your Bathroom Easily

Besides seeing some smart storage hacks for the bathroom, you must take at least one home. In this section, you can take the knowledge to transform your bathroom easily. However, you should provide some supplies first such as below:

  • Dispenser mason jar for soap liquid
  • Steel shower rod
  • PVC pipe
  • Shower hook rings
  • Bath salt
  • Binder clips
  • Spray paint

After finishing all supplies, pass some instructions for some storage hacks! It implies there will be some designs for different functions. But, the first step is about how to make the hacks from the PCV pipe. Here, you need cardboard to avoid a mess from the spraying paint that using a hot tool holder. Before spraying on PVC pipe, shake the spray paint! Next:

  • Insert rings on the shower curtain rod and the binder clips to hang shampoo bottles.
  • Take your Mason jar and give bathroom salt to plug in your toothbrush. Screw on the lid so that the toothbrush can pass the lid. You must involve the lid to save the salt from moist and wet.
  • Lastly, apply no-iron steam hack to hang your clothes as long as taking a shower.

Is it easy and inspiring, right? Save your small bathroom using those smart storage hacks. Transform the bathroom design and function easily and low-budget! Would you like to wait for the next bathroom storage hacks?

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