9 Graphs for Interior Decorating Ideas For Non-Decorating Graduates

9 Graphs for Interior Decorating Ideas For Non-Decorating Graduates

Are you moving to a new house or apartment? Then, good for you! Anyway, all the people who just moved including you must want to redecorate your room so it will look better. Then, what to do? Do you want to hire a decorator? Well, you do not have to. There are some ways to do such as applying 9 graphs for genius interior decorating ideas to your apartment. These 9 graphs are ways to easy to do. Even though you are not graduated from a decorating subject, you could decorate your room with 9 graphs for interior decorating ideas living room by yourself. Today, we are going to talk less about these 9 graphs for more detail!

Helpful 9 Graphs for Genius Interior Decorating Ideas

There are 9 graphs for genius interior decorating ideas you could use to redesign and redecorate your room. What are they? Let’s take a look at it below!

  1. Displaying art in your new apartment

Arts might also become the one that enables to change the room’s mood. Let you show off your personality by your lovely arts. Let you hang your arts, pictures, or photographs on the wall. Get the right height.

Don’t place it too high or too low. It should be proportional and eye-catching. Usually, the decorator or interior designer uses 0.57 as ideal wall width for hanging artworks. Also, if you want to hang a group of arts, let you make it a cluster.

  1. Choosing Furniture

Buying so many kinds of furniture might please you. Yet, it might make your room looks cluster and small. Therefore, you need to purchase the needed ones with suitable proportions. Make sure that there is still space for you to step up or back. Let you create a symmetrical balance in your room well.

  1. The lighting

It is important to mention the lighting size and placement. Lightning must be one of 9 graphs for genius interior decorating ideas, too. Let you first measure the length and the width of your room. Then, if you want to place the lighting in the center of the room, let you use the one-twelfth size of your room. Yet, if you want to put in over the table, use -12 inches size. Talking about the placement, usually, every designer uses 28 to 32 inches over the dining table.

  1. Paint Finish

To paint the wall must be an enjoyable activity for anyone. However, if you choose the wrong paint finish, it might be scary. Your room might look ‘ugly’; it could be too dark, too bright, etc. Use flat paint for ceilings, eggshell for living room, satin for kitchen, semi-gloss for wooden furniture, and gloss for used furniture.

  1. Room rhythm

Let you use the right pattern of colors, shapes, and prints; this may affect and influence the room look.

  1. Decorating styles

There are many various decorating styles. They could be modern, traditional, industrial, contemporary, and classic. Let you choose the one that might display your character.

There are many other 9 graphs for genius interior decorating ideas that have not been mentioned yet. They are balance, harmony, and emphasis. Let’s talk about them later!

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