Adorable Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas and Remodel

Adorable Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas And Remodel

Bathroom remodel is an important project that allows you to make your bathroom more beautiful and attractive. The hardest thing to do on the bathroom remodeling project is choosing the right decorating style that you need to apply. If you love farmhouse decor style, we will show you the most adorable farmhouse bathroom decor ideas and remodel.

Farmhouse bathroom decor is a unique bathroom theme that has been around for many years.  In recent years, this particular decorating style gains its popularity among homeowners around the world. It is a decorating style that offers amazing characters created by some raw, vintage, and natural element.

Many homeowners choose farmhouse decor style as it provides a warm and inviting atmosphere to the living space. Before we discuss any further, you should know about farmhouse decor in more detail.

What Should You Know About Farmhouse Decor Style?

We have mentioned earlier, and farmhouse decor style has become popular in our society. It is home decor that often referred to as traditional, warm or even chic decor that expresses your personality and taste. Indeed, farmhouse decor style is often associated with vintage decor style.

However, unlike the vintage decor style, you can combine farmhouse decor with modern decor style if you wish. Farmhouse decor can be noticed from the clean-lines in every aspect of the decor. The clean-lines provide a sense of cleanness and make your room look more spacious.

Another characteristic of this particular home decor style is rustic, simple, and functional. Unlike conventional farmhouse style, today’s farmhouse decor style has changed drastically. Modern farmhouse decor avoids being kitschy and too cute by balancing new and old without going overboard in one thing.

Farmhouse decor aims to look collected for many years without being too intentionally match. It is a decor style that specially designed for comfort and coziness.  This family-friendly decor style has many sub-styles such as industrial farmhouse, French country farmhouse, and modern farmhouse.

Industrial farmhouse style usually uses re-purpose material to create a masculine atmosphere it needs. Modern farmhouse is more minimalist and less clutter, while French country farmhouse puts more emphasis on the romantic and classic environment.

Farmhouse Basic Elements You Should Know

Every homeowner can create a beautiful country bathroom decor of their dreams. If you want to create an amazing farmhouse bathroom, there are many elements that you may need to consider.

Choose the right lighting system is very important for farmhouse bathroom decor. Unlike other bathroom styles that require a bright lighting system, farmhouse bathroom decor doesn’t require that much lighting. The idea is to bring dim light to create a rustic effect to the bath space.

When it comes to farmhouse bathroom flooring, wood and tile flooring are always highly recommended.  For the best farmhouse bathroom floor tile ideas, you may choose pattern tile in a neutral color. Bold color flooring is not suitable for this type of bathroom decor style.

Greenery brings the outside world to any room in your house. Your farmhouse bathroom will never be completed without indoor plants.  Bathroom plants will not only make your bathroom look amazing, but this kind of decorating element also works as an air purifier.

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor and Ideas

Farmhouse bathroom decor can be interesting, especially if you know how to decorate them correctly. To help you create a beautiful bath space, here are some great ideas on farmhouse bathroom decor.

Simple Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Creating a beautiful farmhouse bathroom doesn’t need to be complicated as simplicity may work well on country bathroom decor. Creating a country bathroom vibe can be achieved by using simple and inexpensive material available.  In this case, you need to place some simple items such as a rustic cabinet, iron sin basins, and rustic faucets.

Farmhouse Bathroom with Unfinished Wood Looks

To create a perfect farmhouse bathroom, you need to bring many different natural elements. Wood is one of the most popular natural elements that will make your bathroom look amazing. Unfinished wood look on cabinets, floor, ceiling, or even the door offers amazing rustic look your bathroom need.

Stunning Farmhouse Bathroom with Barn Door

If you live in the countryside, you may notice that most farmhouses are equipped with a barn. For the farmhouse bathroom theme, you can have a barn at the bathroom entrance. Large and unfinished look’s barn door perfectly fits with the country bathroom decorations.

Country Bathroom Theme with Earthy Neutral Color

Rich and vibrant color is not suitable for farmhouse bathroom decor. For country home themes, choosing neutral colors such as earthy neutral color is always highly recommended. Color found in nature like green, light yellow, and blue is also a good option.

Vintage Lighting System for Amazing Countryside Bathroom Theme

Every room needs a proper lighting system. For farmhouse bathroom decor, old gas version lighting that has been electrified can work wonders. This kind of lighting system will not only work as a light source but also will make your bath space looks rustically beautiful.

Wood Mirror Frame

We have mentioned earlier that wood is a perfect natural element that offers a natural look to your bathroom. Wooden mirror frame is commonly used to create a natural look for any bathroom. The mirror frame will not only make your bathroom look more spacious, but also boost rustic look your bathroom.

Amazing Farmhouse Bathroom Decor with Antique Items

Do you love old looking bathroom? If your answer is yes, you can have antique items like an antique cabinet or chair in the bathroom. These kinds of items will boost the rustic look of your countryside bathroom significantly.

Open Shelving From Reclaimed Wood

For vintage bathroom decor ideas, wood is always the best material to create a natural look for any bathroom. Open shelving from reclaimed woodwork is perfect as an additional storage system. Moreover, wooden shelves bring rustic and natural look for the entire bathroom.

Bring Rustic Look with Reclaimed Wood

If you want to bring a rustic element to your farmhouse bathroom style, you can have furniture made of reclaimed wood. Wood is a natural element that brings an instant rustic look to your bathroom. For a rustic bathroom small size, you need to adjust the size of your furniture.

Farmhouse bathroom decor is a popular bathroom decor style in our society. This particular bathroom theme offers a natural and warm atmosphere for any bath space.


Creating a perfect countryside bathroom theme is not a difficult task. This is true, especially if you apply essential farmhouse bathroom elements. Adorable farmhouse bathroom decor ideas and remodel help you the homeowner create the most beautiful bathroom they need.

Homeowners who look for a warm and natural-looking bathroom, farmhouse bathroom style is the right answer.

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