Bathroom Remodeling only Success if apply 10 Commandments

Bathroom Remodeling Only Success If Apply 10 Commandments

Do you know that you need 10 commandments to succeed in your bathroom remodeling?  Ten are enough to succeed in your bathroom renovation. What kind of new bathroom designs after remodel this interior room? Many reasons to try this way both through a professional contractor or do it alone. The most important thing your new bathroom will get rid of the unsafe, flat, and ugly tub, shower, and vanity.  On the other hand, deciding to remodel is easy. But, you should know dos and don’ts of a success bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Okay, this page forces you to oblige 10 commandments if you want to work bathroom remodeling. There is no reason to not accept the follow rules including you:

  1. Never start without a plan

Starting without proper planning is the most forbidden thing in any room remodel. Therefore, you should think about the features that are useful, unnecessary, or dangerous in the bathroom. Think about the area that you want to change to dismiss your hate. Determine the things to redesign like the age of your bathroom.

  1. Find the best contractor that truly expert in this field

Nowadays, a lot of new contractors appear with their flowery and wordy testimonies. Do not believe it because they may fake. Be wisely to find the right contractor that understands about home remodeling. It does not matter to spend a little bit more money but the result is not disappointed until 15-20 years more. How to find it is by researching and calling. You can also find a lot of real testimonies about bathroom remodeling ideas project from YouTube.

  1. Its result must apply for several years or generation

The prior commandment has mentioned that the right contractor can make the bathroom survive longer. It can reach 15 or 20 years so you truly save money in a long time.

  1. You better ask for an architect or home designer

It does not matter if you are the architect or home designer to determine the style of your bathroom. But, never try to design and apply without getting direction from the expert. You will spend a lot of energy and money.

  1. Avoid following the prior generation about remodel

Listening to older people about anything is good. Even though, it may not apply for you to adapt their rule on creating the bathroom remodeling ideas

  1. Have a lot of alternative ideas if you have one material

You might dislike tile or wood material in the bathroom. Try to search for other good materials for the bathroom like granite, marble, and so on.

  1. Understand the need for bathroom light

Here, you should understand that the bathroom needs lighting for vanity set, LED drawer lighting, and shower lighting.

  1. Keep it unique

Present something unique in your bathroom by combining some furniture items or styles.

  1. Think about storage

Many items must save in the bathroom from toiletries until first aid medicines.

  1. Function it as rest and relax

Change it as a bathroom spa so that you can do it every day without waiting for seven days.

Well, those are 10 commandments that truly effective to improve your bathroom far from before. However, this page wants to add some additional information on bathroom remodeling. Read it in the next section.

3 Additional Rules as the extension of 10 Commandments

The third rules below are the extension of all commandments above. It the prohibitions that you should oblige such as below:

  • You do not allow set the vanity without a touch of festive. It implies you should design it for many functions and avoid skimp.
  • The bathroom must have storage furniture and it should be more than one.
  • Never forget your budget and do not force your desire if you disable. The best design is based on the budget.

Remember always oblige 10 commandments if you want to get a flawless and long-lasting bathroom remodeling. Good luck!

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