Bathroom Tile Ideas for Easy, Affordable, and Right Rejuvenation

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Easy, Affordable, and Right Rejuvenation

Find the most complete bathroom tile ideas from various categories to support the function and appearance. Here, you cannot merely think about it from the appearance because the bathroom always pertains to water. It implies this room has a big risk for slipping both children and the elderly. What are the best tiles that are safe for the bathroom? Along with creative bathroom tile design ideas, you will know it immediately. It will discuss it from the material, shape, space size, and so on. It turns out tiles are not only on the floor!

Great Bathroom Tile Ideas

In this section, you can gather a lot of bathroom tile ideas that not only install on the floor. However, it will be useful to prettify your bathroom on the wall. By the way, this article divides tile ideas into 6 categories:

  1. Tile material ideas

According to the materials, bathroom tiles have numerous options. This room is suitable for vinyl tile, slate, limestone, marble, ceramic, and porcelain. Those materials are safe for activity in wet circumstances.

  1. Shape designs

It consists of numerous options like hexagon tiles, subway, mosaic, penny round, or tiny tiles. Besides that, there are square, fish scale, diamond, triangle, leaf tile, basket-weave tile, also mix up styles.

  1. Monochrome bathroom tiles

Feel free to install metallic tiles, statement floor tiles, concrete tiles, shower recess tiles, and the mirror tiles.

  1. Patterns and Style ideas

Talking on the pattern or texture of creative bathroom tile design ideas, the bathroom always has many options. Choose uneven tiles, geometric patterns, herringbone tiles, marble tiles, floral tiles, and textured in pattern ideas. Meanwhile, you can choose Vintage tiles, Boho tiles, and Moroccan tiles as the style ideas

  1. Colors

You may choose it based on the colors like all-white bathroom, block color tiles, ombre, pastel, matte, and bright. There are also terrazzo, natural stone tile, terracotta, mermaid, mosaic, black tile, pink, and yellow.

  1. Alternative

You may choose half wall panel, paneled walls, wooden tile flooring, and wallpaper as the tile alternative.

Two Bathroom Ideas with Tile Decoration

This page completes the information on bathroom tile ideas of the day with two examples. Firstly, it names the decoration as the ”Go Halfies”. It turns out the bathroom belongs to an interior designer.

The owner is Shaun Smith’s New Orleans home that has clever and beautiful designs. The bathroom looks mesmerizing because of the appearance of the retro wall tile in a blue color palette. It also keeps wallpaper from any splash while cutting your cost.

Secondly, this bathroom chooses “Ride the Wave” as the title and the theme. The beauty of the room looks clear from the floor tile that flows across the room beautifully. On the other hand, it combines palm leaf wallpaper to show a tropical touch in a neutral color. Do you attract to the antique bronze metal chair and eccentric lantern?

Okay, that is detailed information on bathroom tile ideas that will be very useful both present and later. Feel free to remodel or upgrade the condition of your bathroom merely use tile ideas. Good luck!



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