Bathroom Wood Vanity Ideas 2020 from Premium Solid Wood

Bathroom Wood Vanity Ideas 2020 from Premium Solid Wood

Bathroom wood vanity seems like the same as the kitchen cabinet material. It turns out nobody can underestimate the quality and material of the bathroom furniture. This room always asks for more than other interior spaces. However, it has a lot of powerful reasons to use the best wood material. One of the reasons is the humidity that influences the durability of the wood. So, the wood bathroom vanity is not only about the styles. But, thinking of the material must be the priority and let the style follow it.

Natural Bathroom Wood Vanity

Let’s open this discussion from seeing 9 wood bathroom vanity ideas from solid wood. Never use MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or softwood to create any wood furniture for the bathroom. It is not durable for standing among the high humidity. Only solid wood can survive here because it is more than the hardest level of solid wood. Well, let’s talk about it more in the next passages. Now, turn back to the ideas of wood vanity for the bathroom:

  1. Modular Double-Sink Wood Vanity Sets

Firstly, modular wood vanity with double sinks appears a grey natural shade that combines with a white countertop. Seemly, this large furniture will clarify the light industrial style in your bathroom.

  1. Wood Vanity with Floating Light

Next, it is vanity for a small bathroom in a contemporary style. Here, it balances the room designs and other furniture items.

  1. Wood Shelf Vanity

Have this simple shelf vanity from a wood beam that also gives the wall pattern.

  1. Double Wood Vanity

The second double wood bathroom vanity design is suitable for a master bathroom in a cottage. The combination of the marble top and the soft grey shade truly elegant all times.

  1. Low Budget Wood Vanity

Although you must use solid wood as the main material, check your budget planning too. Adjust your budget with the furniture price and the room that will need it. You will surely find the best vanity that is still low-budget.

  1. Classic Flexible Wood Vanity

Furthermore, this page presents the wood bathroom vanity that looks classic and flexible. Nonetheless, it has a gorgeous luxurious behind the classic style.

  1. Repurposed Wood Bathroom Vanity

Here, you get DIY wooden bathroom vanity with an additional antique chest of drawers. Of course, it adds the function of the storage space.

  1. Rustic Wood Vanity

It is time to back to rustic to bring your bathroom one step closer to nature. The rustic style creates a warmer atmosphere that never ends.

  1. Contemporary Vanity with Floating Bathroom Cabinet

The last style takes a contemporary and installs a floating wall cabinet. It turns out space underneath gives more spacious sense in the small bathroom.

Benefits of Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Solid wood itself uses a natural piece of wood like birch, oak, and rubberwood. It is extremely good for any bathroom wood vanity because it is highly durable. Alongside that, it can face extreme conditions in your bathroom.

Here are four advantages of using solid wood than other kinds of woods:

  • Solid wood is so powerful because it can support marble, granite, also the backsplash.
  • It is not easy to scratch, ding, or dent because it is so dense
  • Even, you do not need to sad because the wood is paintable and repainted.
  • Due to it is the real wood, the surface will not peel off.
  • Besides high durability, it withstands the wear over the years.

Okay, that is detailed information on the best bathroom wood vanity ideas. Good luck!

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