Beautiful Simple French Country Kitchen Ideas for Small Space

Beautiful Simple French Country Kitchen Ideas For Small Space

The kitchen is part of an essential home. That is the place where food processed. Because the function that only as a cooking place makes its arrangement and decoration made in vain. In fact, if the kitchen in the decoration comes with good design, sure you will be more comfortable when cooking and at home to linger.

There are many types of decoration styles that you can apply for your kitchen, even though space is not wide enough. The French country style can be your choice to apply to your kitchen. French country style is quite popular to be applied at home, hotel, or villa, even for small kitchens.

The elegant casual concept looks natural, warming, splashes of color make the French country style quite popular. If you want to know more about how to apply beautiful simple French country kitchen ideas for small space, check out the following reviews.


The French country style uses colors that come from the full spectrum of colors. The combination of several colors makes the French country style will not look boring. Like the following colors: fiery red and burnt rust; cobalt blue and soft ocean tones; sunny yellow and soft gold; bright grass green and dark hunter green.

Colors For Wall

For French country style, The kitchen wall is generally painted with pale color so that dark wood ornaments and other ornaments will later look more exotic and warm. For the darker base, wall units and lighter walls look great in a large kitchen and small kitchen too. Keep it simple is the key to produce nice colors.

Colors For Floor

For a small kitchen, very light shades or very dark shades work in well, but you have to make it consistent. You can create contrasting colors between floors and walls. If the wall is white, the floor can be painted with bright brown.

Colors For Interior

Dull Grays and bright black emphasizes the bright colors of the kitchen interior. Contrasting textures and colors make the French country style interiors look distinctive and unique.


An important element in the French country style come from natural materials. Such as woods, stones, plans, a touch of metals, and glass.

Material for Wall and Ceiling

Like hefty beamed ceiling and walls, finely carved wood details, painted plaster walls or rough stained, and wicker chairs. For the ceiling, the French kitchen commonly uses wooden beams for an aesthetically old and unique look.

Material for Floor

The use of wool or cotton rugs to cover natural stone floors reinforce this style. Alternative materials that commonly use in a French country kitchen, such as exposed brickwork and tiles. Terracotta and flagstones tiles always use for French kitchen flooring.

Material for Interior

The existence of a stone fireplace signifies the interior theme is the French country style. In addition, the use of ornaments and accessories such as dry herbs, copper pots, clay or brick, and iron things will add to the atmosphere.

Types of kitchen layouts

For a small kitchen, various kind of kitchen layout saves suitable space applied to any kitchen design, including French country style, including:

One Wall

One wall kitchen or Pullman kitchen is a kitchen layout type that only makes use of one side of the room as a kitchen. Where, all cooking utensils such as stove, refrigerator, and cupboard are on the same layout (straight) The simple French style can be applied to this mini kitchen.


This kitchen layout characterized by two long tables parallel to the footpath it is in. Generally, one side is used to process the cuisine and one side again to serve the food.


L-Shape is a type of kitchen layout commonly used to utilize the corner of the room as the kitchen. This type is suitable for small to medium size kitchen.

The Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen cabinet that is the main focus of the kitchen must also be adjusted with the design of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets that match the French country style are made of lighter colored hardwood that can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Or you can repaint with a more soft color like beige.

Cabinet grip shaped circular mushroom or black metal horizontally. The kitchen cabinet hardware commonly used iron, bronze, or brass. The counter-tops of the imitation marble are brown, white, or grey.


Rustic Furniture has the ambiance of curved panels, raw wood, and hand-carved decorations. The use of wood and stone furniture is a characteristic of the French country style.

Maintain all kitchen furniture and utensils in your small kitchen gotta be the best way. If you try to put everything in, the style you’re trying to applicate will get in a muddle.

Chairs and Table

Curved and carved details always grace the dining chairs that accent it. Shabby chic wrought iron chairs have a French country look. Alternatively, you can use a rattan stool to bring the Parisian atmosphere to your kitchen. A large or small dining table must have a low sheen finish or dull waxed.


Lantern made from metal and glass looks nice in your kitchen. Pendant lamps often use in French country style. Classic chandeliers can be your choice to bring an elegant impression at the dining table.


The Accessories commonly used in the French country style, one of which is a plant. Placing several types of plants in small pots or classic vases could be an option. Completely with an armoire to store clothing, pots, and pans, or bed or bath linens. The wooden range hood is mounted on a wall, bringing a rustic atmosphere.


Deeply cut window sills with hold tall, narrow windows always create a French look. Windows always encircled with wildly growing vines. You can put shutters close to prevent hot sunlight in summer.

The French country style in the kitchen brings the impression of rustic, classic, unique, and comfortable. This style is perfect for a kitchen with a narrow size to a wide.

Do not hesitate to apply beautiful simple French country kitchen ideas for small space in your home.

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