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Benchwright Shelves for Farmhouse Fireplace Mantel and Racks

Benchwright Shelves For Farmhouse Fireplace Mantel And Racks

When planning to create a farmhouse interior décor, do not forget the benchwright shelves! It is a pottery barn shelves that are easy to install and have many various strategic spots. You should hang over the fireplace as a mantel or just as the floating shelves on the wall. Both ideas are not only suitable for one space but more. Feel free to hang these pottery barns benchwright shelves in the bedroom living room, kitchen, and others. Learn how to install it!

Benchwright Shelves Information Detail both the Fireplace Mantel and Floating Shelves

The benchwright shelves are the best DIY farmhouse wall décor for any room. The function as the shelves or the fireplace mantel is perfect as the stage of family images and collectibles. By the way, the Chucky look of the wood is the main reason for presenting the farmhouse outlook. What are the detailed shape, and the material of this home organizing hack? Let’s see the detailed information below:

Install Benchwright Mantel Shelves Easily

Imagine you will make a DIY benchwright floating shelves idea! Of course, you need to know how to install it. Luckily, this page can help you easily but prepare the additional information first:

  • One stud finder
  • Drill/ drill bit or you can use a Philips head screwdriver
  • A pencil with eraser
  • Tape measure

Seemly, you are already to make DIY benchwright shelves and prepare all things to use. Thus, you quite undertake the instruction such as below:

  1. Firstly, you should determine the location to install your shelf. Use a room planner tool if you confuse to decide it. After finding the location, ask for another help to hold the shelf up and put on the wall. Mark with a pencil on the top with dark and large enough to see. If your wall has a dark paint color adds a removable marker or chalk to make it clear.
  2. Secondly, use the stud finder to find the wall studs and mark the location using the pencil again. It is your option to move the shelf based on the studs or not but it keeps important at least lift one stud.
  3. Slide the bubble level to the wall-mount bracket. Put the bracket on the wall facing downward on the level side. Slide the bracket again on the wall until even and use the bubble level to adjust the bubbles.
  4. Make marks to set the bracket and install the drywall toggles using a screwdriver or drill. Check the security twice before adding other decorative items on the shelf.
  5. Use specific techniques to the stud location, placement level, and home improvement projects. Use it for weight-bearing the racks or hooks on the wall.

Well, that is some detailed information on the benchwright shelves function and how to install it. Remodel your fireplace mantel and the farmhouse wall floating shelves if it prompts

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