Best Bedroom Design and Ideas to Spark Your Personal Space

Best Bedroom Design And Ideas To Spark Your Personal Space

Anyone would want to have a comfortable bedroom with decorations that make you feel at home all the time.

A wide selection of decorating themes for your bedroom can be found in books, magazines, and the Internet. Of course, you can choose the one that suits your tastes best.

The following will be reviewed best bedroom design and ideas to spark your personal space.

Bohemian Chic

Bohemian style is characterized by irregularities so that the freedom to design with this style is no limitation. The characteristic that also stands out from this style is the combination of all kinds of colors that look ethnic, unique, and vintage.

The Bohemian style is certainly far from the terms glamour and fancy. Because all the decorations use cheap goods until the used goods. Such as bottles, cardboard, secondhand jars are collected and styled with high aesthetic value.

Bohemian Chic Bedroom

A bedroom that uses a bohemian style will certainly use lots of patterns on the wall, bed, or floor. Many different types of textiles are also used in decorating a bedroom. Take of motif fabric through the ceiling and just let the material bulging and hang slightly in the center or hang at the edges much be better.

Vintage Goods

Bohemian style is identical to the use of vintage goods. You can hunt for artwork to hang on your bedroom walls like drawings, photos, and paintings. A touch of natural beauty could be best for your bedroom. Put Some plants or flowers like dracaena, snake plant, and others.

Minimalist Style

Minimalist style is very popular to be applied overall in parts of the house or in certain parts such as a bedroom. The Interior bedroom is simple but still cozy to be the choice of many people. To apply this style to your bedroom is very easy because there is no need for elaborate details.


The use of minimalist styles is identical with neutral colors such as black and white. Both colors are perfect for the bedroom. The walls and floors can use white while the furniture is black. This will give the impression of cozy and elegant. If you don’t really like the black and white in color. You can apply warmer colors like chocolate.

Wall and Floor

Wooden floor with ivory white bed and dark and light brown furniture can be your choice. The minimalist effect can also arise from gray walls with some photo displays or artwork such as painting or drawing.

Modern Style

Modern style is popular for designing lodging, hotel, and home. Modern design is identic to a home with a simple color palette, clean, crisp lines. The use of steel material, metal, and glass is also a strong characteristic of modern style.


Dark copper and grey colors are suitable to be applied to your bedroom wall. Dark blue for curtain and bed cover can bring the sensation of relaxing at rest. You can apply a stunning headboard feature wall using light and shade. To make it look more modern, the installation of LED strip lights can be the best choice.


Use furniture such as wood floors, shelves. Add display artwork along with the shelves for modern-look. Lots of natural light during the day or warm, bright colors from the lampshade beside your bed could be perfect.


The coastal style stands out with the beachside area theme. It is identic with the use of cool neutral shades paired with green and blues. The room decorations consist of wood and accessories inspired by the ocean and beach.

Beachy Bedroom does not require your bed of sea or beach motif. You just need feel and spirit of the coast like breezy colors, cool, and an overall serene vibe.

Elements of Coastal

For coastal style, using furniture made from wood with pale colors could be matched with the theme. Don’t forget to bring natural-look in your bedroom, such as plants in the pot, mini aquarium beside the bed, or seagrass to bring a beach vibe.

Add the displays and ornaments of the sea life typical like coral, seashells, an octopus painting, others. Soft-colored like the blue ocean, grey, greenish-blue can be your choice for bedroom wall. Or You can use fish-adorned wallpaper.


The distinctive thing of industrial style is the use of unfinished rawness in many of the elements, ductwork, and exposed brick. Industrial style for your bedroom, you can use brick walls, you can paint it with the white color combined with the black accent to provide industrial-look.

Elements of Industrial Style

Uses copper pipes to create a rustic self, and you can put beside your bed. The use of steel also characterizes the industrial style, you can use it as a barn door, chairs, or clothing racks. It would bring warmth feel in your bedroom.

Soft lighting for the industrial style you can create from the use of lantern, candlestick, metal pendant lamp, or caged lamps.


Scandinavian style, more like simplicity style. Decoration for this style feels like a work of art and understated. Other characteristics, the use of natural elements like bright plastics, enameled aluminum, form-pressed wood, steel, others.

Functional furniture, natural lighting, and fewer accessories are a Scandinavian style characteristic.


Applying the Scandinavian style in the bedroom is not very difficult because it does not require any colors.  You can apply bright white walls with touches of grey, pastels, or pale blue for the furniture.

Scandinavian style does not apply much bright color, but small pops, such as pale green grass or cheery yellow. The detail of this style, a rustic bench at the foot of the bed could be your choice. Black and white photographs can be a unique showcase of your bedroom.


The rustic design generally uses natural elements like wood and stone. Using features like ceilings adorned with reclaimed wood floors. For your bedroom, the rustic style could be applied with the brown and white color palette.

Elements of Rustic Style

Wood paneling, white linens, and faux fur texture could be several ideas for your bedroom. Shiplap walls and exposed beams you can apply to bring out the rustic style. Display room such as old fashioned frame, tall white pitchers with flowers, white Mason jars affirms the use of rustic style.

Best bedroom design and ideas to spark your personal space that already expressed above, you can make a guide and reference. Keep in mind that design selection must be adjusted to the area of the bedroom, the main light source, and of course, the cost available. Just follow your taste and creativity and happy decorating, Guys!

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