Best Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Modern, Farmhouse, and DIY

Best Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Modern, Farmhouse, And DIY

Kitchen cabinets are part of the kitchen that plays an important role in the cooking process. In general, the model of the kitchen cabinet will close almost the whole wall of the kitchen, so the main focus of the kitchen is the kitchen cabinet.

There are many models and types of kitchen cabinets. Best kitchen cabinets will be durable and always look pretty for many years. Gorgeous and functional kitchen cabinets can bring a feeling of comfort when processing cuisine in the kitchen.

You can also add the home and be encouraged to explore various kinds of food in a beautiful kitchen. Here’s a review of best kitchen cabinet ideas Modern, farmhouse, and DIY that you can apply in your home.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Modern kitchen cabinet is very popular in demand because it matches many design styles from home. The choice of color and layout is also very varied.


The modern kitchen cabinet, in general, is a combination of several materials such as metal, glass, steel, laminates, wood to produce pretty, clean, stylish, unique-look. A popular material for modern kitchen cabinets is made from frosted glass, or semi-opaque, wood veneer, or plastic laminate.

Sheen and gloss of laminate could be is good choice for a modern kitchen. Other options, glass, and metal, or salvaged wood.


For colors, modern cabinet always uses fluorescent yellows, black and white, deep reds and blues, greens, and orange.

White Kitchen Cabinet

The white kitchen cabinet always looks modern, bright, and clean look. This type of cabinet very popular this year. So, the white color enthusiasts will not miss this kitchen cabinet. White cabinets fit perfectly with natural materials like wood for dining tables, flooring, or exposed beams.

Black Kitchen Cabinet

If you are a fan of the classic theme, the wood Black kitchen cabinet can be your choice. The touch of gold color in the holders and frames could bring classic to modernity.

Deep-sea Color Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen cabinet with the deep-sea color theme will look modern and elegant. You can add a deep blue sea bar to enhancing the smooth sensation. You can combine this cabinet with dark color from kitchen utensils such as black stone, copper, or gold.


Modern Kitchen Cabinet Besides have a variety of color options. Layout options are also a consideration for many people. Modern kitchen always has L or U shape layout. Shape and also form become the modern appearance of kitchen cabinets.


Considering to put functional things like pull-out shelving and lazy Susans. For truly modern-looking add some under-cabinet LED task lights.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet

If you don’t have a large enough kitchen, one of the kitchen design ideas you can try is the farmhouse style. Farmhouse style is generally characterized by the use of vintage furniture with a soft color alloy. Using the concept of farmhouse also uses the farmhouse kitchen cabinet.

The Materials are commonly used in the manufacture of farmhouse kitchen cabinets that are from nature, such as solid hardwoods.

Vintage accessories and handcrafted pieces always use for a farmhouse kitchen. The general colors for farmhouse cabinets are bright and airy with light hues and white as a basic color.


Solid Hardwood used in the manufacture of farmhouse kitchen cabinets comes from wood maple, oak, cherry, and pine. But Maple wood is the most popular, cause has limited grains. The grain becomes an important factor if you like for a color stain rather than paint for your cabinets.

White Kitchen Cabinet

White cabinets with a classic sink give a broad impression of your kitchen. Storage place with silver handle makes the cabinet look elegant.

Grey-scale Kitchen Cabinet

Grey-scale cabinets with a firmly straight line with an open rack made of stainless steel add to the impression of modern farmhouse. The use of industrial lighting and the shiplap part increasingly confirms the farmhouse style.

Brown Kitchen Cabinet

Brown cabinets supported with wooden furniture adds to the classic impression as well as a modern farmhouse. Hanging shelves from wood beautify your kitchen display.


The kitchen cabinets painting for farmhouse style generally use white paint. But you can be substituted white color with beige, cream, or soft shades of powdery yellow, blues, lavender, and cool gray. That Colors Palette brings a more simple and casual aesthetic.

The design details of farmhouse kitchen cabinets not too much use a striking decoration.

Cabinet Details

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets also always use wooden hood covers at the top of the stove to fit the color of the entire cabinet. The farmhouse kitchen style count for cabinets that extend to the ceiling for a more clean and uniform look

DIY Kitchen Cabinet

For those of you who want to have a kitchen cabinet different from the existing one, you can make it yourself. In addition to saving the budget, you will be satisfied with the kitchen cabinet designed by yourself.


DIY Kitchen cabinet gives you the freedom to choose the materials to be used. The hoice of material from the kitchen cabinet can be derived from oak, cherry, maple, Mahony, and so forth. But it is commonly used that is made of red oak or white oak.

You can try to make a kitchen cabinet with a wire door that is commonly used to make a chicken cage.


Your live color selection adjusts to your favorite colors. You can combine some of your favorite colors that show your personality. Neutral and soft colors are very possible to combine into a unique color.

Cabinet Details

For cabinet doors, you can make use of the unused barn door to be converted to the cabinet door. For lighting, you can use the LED lamps that are glued to the back of the cabinet, which is then connected with a small cable.

Some ideas of kitchen cabinets design must be adapted to the design of your home style so that each room can blend well. If you want to have a kitchen cabinet that is unique and different, you can use the DIY kitchen cabinet to make your kitchen.

Information about best kitchen cabinet ideas modern, farmhouse, and DIY can be a matter of consideration and reference you in determining the kitchen cabinet best suited to your kitchen.

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