Best Makeup Vanities & Cases for Your Stylish Bedroom

Best Makeup Vanities & Cases for Your Stylish Bedroom

Women who have a makeup hobby certainly want the vanities & cases inside the bedroom. Some people think the spot for makeup is not too much needed in the bedroom as it will take place to make it happen.

The options and design of the Vanities & cases are now very diverse. Stay adapts to the design and breadth of your bedroom. Here’s a review of best makeup vanities & cases for a stylish bedroom.

Hanging on The Wall

It doesn’t take many places to realize your desire to have your makeup spot. Makeup vanities design with a hanging model or hovering on the wall can be your choice. You can use the empty place in your bedroom to make this floating dressing table.

With an elongated makeup vanity, you can put makeup and skincare tools. Featuring an oval mirror on it could make your makeup vanity look stylish and minimalist.

Open-close Makeup Vanity

The Makeup vanity includes a floating dressing table and wall-mounted. It comes with a mirror that can be open-close, so you can use the space available when the mirror closed.

Shelf-shaped Makeup Vanity

This type of spot makeup that you don’t have to use a full table that many eat places. You can turn the hanging shelf into your dressing table, make it into two shelves in a stacked mirror on the first shelf, and makeup equipment on the bottom shelf.

Full Storage

If one table cannot accommodate all the makeup tools you have. You can choose a makeup vanity with a lot of drawers or storage places. Besides going to look neater, your makeup equipment more organized in place.

Two Drawer Vanity

The two drawer vanity commonly use by many women, with simple size mirror is perfect for providing enough storage and space in the bedroom.

Two storage drawers from this type vanity table provide ample hidden storage space for makeup tools and small items. Contemporary design from this vanity is adaptable for any decor style.

Big Set Makeup Vanity

This type of makeup vanity needs ample space because it equipped with a large storage area. Makeup vanity with drawers on the right side and the left side can accommodate and organize your makeup tools. With a large mirror, it can show your entire look.

Makeup Vanity Pallet Sets

Similar to the big set vanity desk, the pallet set table also has a lot of storage but more open or displayed. So you don’t have to bother opening and closing the drawer.

Vanity Table Glass Shelves

This type of vanity table will look attractive in your bedroom. Transparent glass shelves give a sense of relief in your room.

Classic Makeup Vanity

The classic white makeup vanity with some silver-colored drawers is lovely to complement your bedroom. A full enough table with a lot of storage can accommodate all your makeup tools.

Luxury Classic Makeup Vanity

For your elegant bedroom, this classic makeup vanity can add a luxurious impression. The details of the mirror carving and at the foot of the table makes the appearance more beautiful. Gold or silver color options are available for this dressing table.

Pure Classic Makeup Vanity

Pure Classic Makeup vanity has a more minimalist look and has a size that is not too big. So absolutely it is suitable and fit for a small bedroom.

Makeup Vanity with Metal Material

The material used to make the makeup vanity and cases is not only of wood. The metal material can also be used with the result that looks more simple and bright.

Stainless Steel Vanity Table

The stainless steel makeup vanity and cases is very eye-catching in the bedroom. In addition to the bright and straightforward models, your makeup tools will look neater.

Aluminum Vanity Table

This aluminum vanity table can be a lighting aid for your bedroom. With the bright wall color and this aluminum vanity table, the bedroom display will be more stylish.

Minimalist Vanity Table

Minimalist vanity table deliberately made for you who do not have enough space to put a big dressing table. A pair of vanity tables and wooden chairs without backrest can be placed in the corner of the room near the window to enhance the lighting naturally.

Another choice of minimalist dressers, you can put a transparent glass vanity table. That is shaped with a special elbow to be placed in the corner of the room, accompanied by folding chairs that you can keep after use.

Multi-functional Vanity Table

Nowadays, many vanity tables can doubles. Like a multi-functional vanity table that can be a dressing table and also a desk or study table. This multi-functional table design has detail where the table can be opened up.

So that it becomes a dressing table and bring up the makeup equipment that is styled in a drawer equipped with a partition. There is also a mirror behind the table. So you don’t have to add mirrors to the wall anymore.

Full Mirror

The three-sided mirror-vanity table can maximize your makeup. Having a full-mirror vanity table like this adds a broad impression to your bedroom. You can use a transparent or Ottoman ghost chair to complement the look of your vanity table.

Full Lights

If you want to have a vanity table with a mirror full of the lights on the side, the full-lights vanity table model is suitable for you. This type of dressing table features a large drawer as a storage place. Generally equipped nine LED cool bulbs, to increase visibility when you makeup.

Modern Vanity Table

The modern vanity desk has a charming design with bright white or bright cream colors. It features a mirror with detail of neat curved lines. Hardwood becomes material for the table and its chair with a smooth finishing.

A wide range of your vanities makeup options cases described above can complement your bedroom. But all you need to note before buying a set of vanity table makeup is the spacious bedroom and the best layout in the room.

Description of best makeup vanities and cases for a stylish bedroom can be your consideration and reference material in realizing your dream spot Makeup.

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