Best Master Bedroom Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2020

Best Master Bedroom Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2020

The bedroom is an important part of the house that needs extra attention in its interior design. The well-designed bedrooms can add to your comfort. Besides comfortable, a bedroom designed to suit your taste and personality can make you feel relax in your bed.

The bedroom design options are very varied, any theme you can pour to beautify your bedroom.  Ranging from simple design such as minimalist style to a luxurious design like the Victorian style.

Here are some best master bedrooms design ideas to inspire you in 2020.

Master Bedroom Design in 2020

Below is the popular and best design of the master bedroom in the year 2020. With the most prominent elements for each style


To display mid-century style usually used wood elements on room décor, including the bedroom. You can try using teak wood furniture, rosewood, cherry, walnut, or oak.

For complimentary decorations such as cabinets and carpets, use a unique and patterned geometric pattern. Chandeliers or chandeliers will add a midcentury impression in your bedroom.


Materials from metal, plastic, rustic, and mechanical ornaments dominate the industrial style. You can create an industrial bedroom with furniture details and decorations that are a mixture of several materials. Such as making the room ceiling with exposed steel frames, or concrete walls.

The interior of the room you can make from the pipes, add furniture such as chairs or stools, flower vase from a user can, or a vintage table of metal.


Style woodlands Adapting the atmosphere of the beach and the sea is popular with many people. The nautical style is applied to the bedroom will certainly make the room atmosphere more cool and comfortable.

The combination of blue and white plus stripes motif is certainly characteristic of this style. Materials made from wood and organic, such as woven, shell, coral fossils on furniture, and displays, will add to the impression of this nautical style.


The use of wood material is characteristic of Scandinavian style. This style does not require too much furniture and displays to create an airy impression of the room. The colors used include soft colors and more light. For your bedroom, use a white cover bed made with a wall and most of the furniture.

Stylish displays and furnishings such as paintings with neutral colors, rattan chandeliers, and wooden tables and cabinets.


Bohemian style is identical to the unique, vintage, artsy impression. To display this style in the bedroom, you can use a wooden bed with a hippie patterned bed cover. Also, place some live plants in some corners of the bedroom.

Painting displays, sun-framed mirrors, dreamcatcher ornaments, and vintage photographs can accentuate the bohemian style.


The farmhouse theme is perfect for those of you who don’t have a spacious bedroom. The warm and cozy impression of the farmhouse style makes it quite popular. Shiplap walls that characterize the farmhouse styles you can apply in your bedroom.

Classic black color can be applied to the furniture in the bedroom, such as bed frame, photo frame, table lamp, and so forth. Add the classically patterned carpet to reinforce the farmhouse style.

Modern Urban

This style is inspired by life in a simple and practical urban area. Your bedroom can be designed using the urban style. Like the use of bed furniture, cupboards, and wood-material desks with a simple yet elegant design.

This Style is not much use ornaments, and the accessories room is quiet with a standing decoration, 1 or 2 flower vase, and a soft-colored carpet without motifs.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic style is very thick with the use of furniture and vintage ornaments. The shabby chic-themed bedroom is visible from a pale or beige white bed with matching shades.

The use of wallpaper, bed cover with common floral motif found in this style. Soft colors such as cream, pale yellow, pink soft, can be an option to emphasize the use of shabby chic style.

Eclectic style

Eclectic style is a combination of several room design themes. The colors used tend to be striking as blue, light brown, white applied to the interior and furniture. The dominance of geometric motifs such as lines, circles, zig-zag is widely used in curtains or pillows as well as bed covers.


The elements used to realize the minimalist style are not much, very simple, and easy. Minimalist style avoids the use of items that have no function. For the application in the bedroom, you just need to put the bed, sofa, table, as well as a closet. That has a clear function with a choice of neutral colors such as black, white, or gray.

Victorian style

The prominent thing of the Victorian style is the use of luxurious interiors with the nuances of ancient kingdoms. To apply on a bed, you need to pay attention to the details and the correct color selection.

The use of gold color and chocolate dominates this style.  The interior design of the Victorian style is dominated by luxurious furniture with carved details on its part.

Bedroom design using a Victorian style of course using a master bedroom with gold or silver colored. Headboard and a curtain that is draped from top to bottom. Lighting stemming from chandeliers adds a luxurious impression of the bedroom with a Victorian look.

Maroco Style

The Maroco style is slightly similar to the Bohemian style. It’s just that this style is more orderly and more structured in terms of design. More exotic with the Moroccan culture highlighted by the ornaments and motifs of the fabrics used.

Traditional Style

Different from the classic design, the traditional design is dominated by the use of brown color for most of its furniture without elaborate carving details. The color contrast between the wall and the floor also the ceiling gives a strong and clear impression. This design brings a comfortable resting atmosphere for its occupants.

Bedroom designs for all styles can be applied to your bedroom. You simply adjust the space and budget to complement the furniture that supports your style of choice.

Some of the designs reviewed above can be the best master bedrooms design ideas to inspire you in 2020.  Choose a design that suits your tastes and personality and free your creativity to design your own bedroom to be more satisfied with the results later.

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