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Best of Living Room Decoration For Your Modern House

Best Of Living Room Decoration For Your Modern House

It has an elegant and comfortable living room so many people dream. The more comfortable the living room, then you will feel more at home sitting.

The design and decoration of the living room are very many and varied, everything is very interesting to be applied in your house. Here’s a review best of living room decoration for your modern house.

Living Room Decoration

Besides the design selection, decoration for the living room is also important to adjust it to the selected style. The following living room decoration ideas according to style design.

Modern Living Room

Modern style for the living room always uses clean straight lines to bring an overwhelming atmosphere. In addition, the use of a neutral color palette such as black, white, or grey becomes the main focus of modern style. Over-sized tiles for the floor or sanded wood floors give a sense of relief from the living room.

You can add shelves pullouts, or wall bookcases to decorate your living room. Modern living room style, not much use ornaments or accessories, clutter-free, no excess throw pillows, no vases, and no rugs.


The traditional style for the living room generally puts a comfortable impression with the use of warm colors and moldings. Furniture used, such as a sofa or chair made from soft textiles with soft curves and extra soft pillows to create a welcoming look.

A giant stone fireplaces match traditional style, this can create a feeling of relaxed and healing. The warm color of maple and walnut over the furniture and sofa set, match the overall design.


Contemporary design has similarities with modern design with clean lines and shapes on the counters. This design is characterized by open spaces from extra-wide windows, there are built-in wall storage and cabinetry. Furniture always used with plain designs with no extra curving and carvings.


The use of wood material is the main characteristic of rustic style. The tables and sofas of mahogany placed in the living room add to the impression of the rustic style. Handcrafted antiquities are also often used as ornaments of living room decoration.

Displays such as small plant pots and stone walls evoke a natural and earthy impression.


Mediterranean style is identic with rustic furniture, antique or vintage, dark wooden ceiling beam. The fireplace and pattern table should appear in the mediterranean style. This style uses quite a lot of furniture, such as lounge chairs and ottoman.

Spirit and natural colors dominate the whole living room. For a natural look, this style uses terracotta floor tiles, crude-cut stone and pine wood for the detail.


Craftsman Style has a feature of this style that involves rich wood trims, antique things, wooden furniture, hardwood floors. The wood material used comes from oak, maple, walnut, and Cherry. You can put hand-made furniture and accessories such as console table, or end table made from wood.

Vintage Oak shelves can be a pretty showcase for your living room. Rocking chair, coffee table with shelf, beige linen bench can be an alternative to complement your living room.


The prominent elements of the Scandinavian style are inspired by nature, the use of neutral colors, eco-friendly interiors, and the use of the white wood floors. Living room design by using Scandinavian style impressed simple, neat, and functional.

The domination of white color on this style decoration gives a broad impression of the living room. Touch-giving with beige, black, soft-pink color add a comfortable impression.


Important Elements for mid-century style are clean and clutter-free, using wood furniture and wooden trim. Also, graphic or geometric-style wall art, graphic patterns with pattern and texture.

Some of the furniture options to create a mid-century style in your living room. Such as an art display coffee table, leather sofa, or entryway bench, maybe your choice. For decorative accessories, modern wood and metal bookcase, marble and brass floor lamp, or modern lacquer and wood cabinet match mid-century style.


The industrial style implements a lot of raw and unfinished look. Exposed variety of pipes and ducts, metal surfaces and wood, vintage decor, and accessories are elements of industrial style. For your living room, you can put an industrial style couch to create a masculinity look.

Industrial effects can be more noticeable with the display of industrial pipe wall shelf, vintage industrial console table. For lighting, you can use a floor lamp with pulleys, or adjustable pipe chandelier.


The Asian style has some distinctive elements include the use of simple lines and clean, wall art, floral motifs, and natural materials. Decorative features for Asian style, including Oriental cabinet, asymmetrical bookcase, Oriental porcelain, can bring out the Asian style for your living room.

Shabby-Chic Style

The shabby-chic style must-have linen and muslin material in the application to the room. For the living room, linen round ottoman bench, or linen storage Ottoman should be there to create shabby-chic style. Decoration in a shabby chic room should look eye-catching and elegant.

Don’t forget to use decorative accessories such as oval wall mirror, faux fur throw pillow, vintage wall clock, or vintage vases.


Victorian style has a characteristic of the use of ornaments and displays are quite a lot. The use of parquet pattern with motif carpet, floral print, and fabric. Patterns in silk for the seat cover, stained glass, and decorative lampshades create a Victorian style.

Don’t forget to ware lighting with lamps like Tiffany lamps in the corner of the living room. In addition, it is equipped with decorations like picture frames, fireplaces, vases, lace, button back chairs, or ottomans.


Southwestern style stands out with the use of wood materials. Southwestern always decor with slats ceiling and wood log, animal skin was thrown on a bench-top, and wooden vanities, also potted of plants.

It also features with brick floor and a unique fireplace in the center of the living room. No need table, only pairs of comfortable sofas.

Diverse styles for the living room design are made to suit the tastes and preferences of people in general. So, you simply choose the most comfortable design and suitable for you and your family.

Reviews of some of the best of living room decorations for your modern house above could be your consideration and reference material in determining the most appropriate design. Hopefully, all the information is useful.

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