Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom Ideas with Urban Outfitters

Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom Ideas with Urban Outfitters

Bohemian style house design is quite popular. The Bohemian style has the most distinct design with other designs. This is due to the full-color display with many motives and ornaments, making this style easy to recognize.

The vintage and natural feel of the Bohemian style will make you comfortable to sit down. If you do not like the pure bohemian style, there is now a new bohemian design that combines bohemian style with a minimalist look.

For those of you who want to make a new atmosphere in the bedroom, you can use the Bohemian minimalist style. Here’s a review of how to create the bohemian minimalist bedroom ideas with urban outfitters.

Choose The Most Suitable Color

The Bohemian style is striking with a variety of bright colors, different with soft-colored minimalist styles such as white, cream, and chocolate. These two styles create a unique blend of colors plus a touch of beautiful hippie motifs that you won’t get bored with the color selection.

Color for The Floor

The choice of colors that best suits the Bohemian minimalist style include pale brown, bright brown, or pale white. These colors can be made by using original wood or ordinary floor that is then painted in wood color. Alternative options, you can try pastel colors like a cream palette.

Color for The Wall

Neutral color options are best suited for this style, whether it’s ship-lap walls or brick walls, the white color is best suited as wall paint. White color In addition to giving the impression of a wider space, typical bohemian style decorations can be more attractive.


The material used in the Bohemian minimalist style is material from nature, such as wood and stone, for most of the walls and roofs. Other materials are stone and metal but do not dominate.


For the wall, this style uses a brick painted in neutral color white. More options for using neutral-colored wallpaper matching the color of the floor. There are also ship-lap walls from wood that look more natural.


For the floor, commonly used wood materials that can be derived from oak, cherry, or walnut. The wooden floor is then painted in white so that the furniture on it can look more beautiful and minimalist look.


Decorations with the Bohemian minimalist style will be dominated by typical bohemian decorations. But with a choice of colors and motifs that are not very striking.


For bedrooms with a bohemian minimalist style, it will be different from pure bohemian style. For a wooden bed, more to the minimalist style using sheets or bed cover soft-colored like white, cream, or grey.

There are a lot of bed cover options that support the bohemian minimalist style. Urban Outfitters store provides the need such as Velvet quilt, floral stitched quilt, Margot tufted floral comforter, and so on.

Throw Pillow

The decorations commonly used in bohemian style are throw pillow. You can use the printed pillow, fringed round throw pillow, floral embroidered pillow cover, or hand-painted pillow cover. The distinctive motif of the bohemian style stands out on these accessories to throw pillow.


Decorations that should not be missed for Bohemian minimalist style is the plants. Plants can be both native and imitation. The plants can be hung at the wall at the bedside, such as a fringed hanging planter or vase planter.

If you like living plants, you can plant in a pot that is not too large and placed in the corner of the room.


A mirror with a wooden frame will add a minimalist-style bohemian effect to your bedroom. The presence of mirrors in the bedroom can give an expansive impression on the room.


Decorating with wooden chairs or rattan wicker will further accentuate this style. Suitable seat types, such as a trestle-leg chair, lounge chair, ottoman rattan, or wood stool can be your choice.


Decorative accessories in the form of the rug must be present to emphasize the use of the bohemian minimalist style. The patterned carpet characterizes these styles, such as a print rug, Berber rug, woven rug, and so forth.


A vintage lamp that best suits this style. Another option, you can use a rattan lantern, vintage table lamp. That can create a classy look with a little edge of a hippy.


A white or grey curtain without motif puts a minimalist design in the bedroom. Alternatively, if you want to prioritize bohemian style, a bamboo beaded curtain can be installed in your bedroom window.


The bohemian style consists of various textures such as linen, wood, iron, stone, plant, glass, woven, embroidery, fringing combined into one. Minimalist style goes in to reduce a very diverse texture of bohemian style. So it does not look too crowded and messy when applied to the bedroom.


Bohemian style is identical to the touch of artwork and handmade objects. Bohemian minimalist style is not too much use typical bohemian ornaments but still presented.


Art products, such as paintings, posters, ceramics, or sculptures, you can choose one or two of them to decorate your bedroom. The Artwork that you display doesn’t need too big to keep the minimalist impression visible.


The characteristic of the ornament in the bohemian style, the jewelry that you use or not used are all displayed or exposed. It can be with a special jewelry hanger, or just styled on your dressing table.


A typical bohemian style patterned cloth you can lay on the wall near the bed. But choose the unstriking motif, so that it still has a minimalist effect.


Handmade displays can be a choice of ornaments for your bedroom. Like a photo frame of the clam-shell or dream-catcher.

The combination of Bohemian and minimalist style is perfect for you who are expressive but still simple. You can create and choose a decoration item that is suitable for expressing the Bohemian minimalist style in your bedroom.

Information about bohemian minimalist bedroom ideas with urban outfitters. can be a matter of consideration and reference for you. Happy decorating guys.

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