Catchy Bedroom Decor Ideas, Fulfill Your Imagination

Catchy Bedroom Decor Ideas, Fulfill Your Imagination

Turning the bedroom into a beautiful and eye-catching room is not a difficult thing. With a little imagination and creativity, you can juggle your bedroom more catchy and comfortable.

So, to make your bedroom more attractive, there is no need to follow the interior design rules for the bedroom. You can express your personality and interests through stylish room decorations.

Here will be reviewed catchy bedroom decor ideas that could be your inspiration.

Maximizing Artwork

There is nothing more exciting than enjoying the beauty of the artwork. Applying artwork in the bedroom will make the occupants more comfortable. Attractive artwork option for your bedroom is very diverse, and you can choose one or two of them, including:


Paintings can be an interesting object in your bedroom. You can buy print results if the original art is too expensive. For the bedroom, a suitable picture is a nature-themed painting that can bring the effect of tranquility and comfort.


A ceramic display can be one of the bedroom decoration alternatives. Adjust the size of the ceramic show to your bedroom. If your bedroom is minimalist, use one or two brightly patterned small ceramics on the bedside table of your bed or at your desk.


Besides painting, you can also display posters as an interesting object in your bedroom. For a poster bedroom of flowers is a pretty good choice, the picture of flowers will not look boring. Adjust the poster size and color with the room wall, to keep it comfortable to see.

Eye-Catching Wallpapers

If changing the room paint requires too much cost, you can use the wallpaper instead. Wallpaper selection is very diverse; in choosing, you must adjust between the colors of the wallpaper with the decoration of your bedroom. Choice of wallpapers that suitable for bedrooms, including:

Soft Colored Wallpaper with No Motive

For adult bedrooms, use a blue, brown, or gray-colored wallpaper. Both colors can give a soothing effect and make a better sleep.

Brightly Colored and Educative Wallpapers

Brightly colored wallpapers are suitable for your child’s bedroom. Colorful and educative wallpaper can make your child more comfortable in the room.

Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper patterned nature, geometric, or inspiring characters suitable for teenage children’s bedrooms. Stay adapts to their liking and personality.

Unusual Furniture

Combining various types of furniture can be a way to decorate the bedroom to make it more attractive. Unusual furniture is always interesting to see, especially if it rarely found elsewhere.


Standard beds are usually square so that you can try a round bed. In addition to shapes, you can change the layout, for example, in an angle or between windows. Complete with a bed cover patterned abstract, geometric, or character drawings.

Chairs and Canopy Bed

Unique and unusual chairs and tables can be an interesting object in your bedroom. Like bubble chairs, bubble ottoman, faux fur, or swing small chair. To make it more eye-catching, you can attach a canopy bed with a soft curtain that is held down.


Lighting that can make your bedroom more attractive like bulb string light that you can stretch above the bed or on the wall of the room. You can also try to display a floating candle vase or LED rotary lamp.

Handmade Will Always be Interesting

Who is not interested in the unique handmade objects as a display in the bedroom.

Wood Carving

There are many choices of wood carving, which distinguishes is the motif of the swam. For bedrooms, suitable wood carvings such as sleepy eyes wood carving, mirror frames or carved wooden headboards, and so on.

Hanging Display

Hanging displays that are handmade products are always interesting to look at. Like color full moon wall hanging, or little pom-pom that you can display at a colorful wall or in the bedroom window.


Handmade products are widely traded mainly in the form of a flower vase. Flower vase material can be derived from ice cream sticks, clam-shells, rattan, or bamboo.

Beautify The Bedroom with Plants

The green color of the plant not only makes the atmosphere more refreshing but can help you relax after a long day of work. Native plants are the perfect choice for your bedroom.

For the bedroom, you do not need to put a large plant enough with plants in small pots. Choose a plant that is easy to maintain.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant is perfect for the bedroom because it does not require direct sunlight, and you do not need to water it every day. The bright green color of this plant is very refreshing your eyes.


Lavender plants have been proven to help someone sleep better if they smell their aroma. So it fits placed in the bedroom, next to your bed. In addition, this plant is also proven to repel mosquitoes. Gorgeous purple colors make your room more attractive.


This one plants produce a distinctive fragrance, so it fits perfectly so garnish in your bedroom. It does not require any special treatment; this plant has quite sprayed the leaves every morning or evening.

Stunning Vintage Objects

Stunning vintage objects can steal attention when entering the bedroom. Commonly, encountered objects are:

Wooden Stairs

Wooden stairs that are old and unused can you make the accessories of your bedroom decoration. Stay cleaned or repainted. This vintage wooden staircase can be a place to display photos or be transformed into a bookshelf in each stair.


Vintage suitcases that have been unused can be turned into a bookshelf attached to the wall. Or where to place your perfume collection.

Old Used Frame

The frame of the window or mirror frame that is not used can be converted into a jewelry place. Stick a thin lace or wooden cloth on your frame, and your designs are ready for display.

Ideas on how to decorate the bedroom are still very much. You just apply the most suitable for your bedroom condition and your taste, of course.

Description of Catchy Bedroom Decor Ideas can be your consideration and reference material in realizing your dream spot makeup.

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