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Determining Your Cool Mid Century Home Decor Ideas

Determining Your Cool Mid Century Home Decor Ideas

Mid-century home decor is something that many people want for their homes due to its simplicity, elegant design, and decent craftsmanship. When you have a plan to redecorate your entire house, why don’t you try to consider mid-century home decor to furnish it?

However, you have to do your homework before achieving your desired cozy house with a particular design.

Many people realize that mid-century style is, to some extent, an expensive look to imitate. Fortunately, many designers have made the duplication of those gorgeous styles at a cheaper value. Thus, any non-rich people who love mid-century modern furniture will be able to afford the particular items.

Getting to Know About Mid Century Modern Decor on a Budget

Before establishing our new home with this outstanding design, we need to get to know it closely. This will enable us to understand and distinguish it in a better way. Here are some mid-century modern interior design characteristics you need to know:

  • Offer forms with simple design
  • Comes with the organic influences, some come in geometric form
  • Has a democratic model that means that it suits everybody
  • Function emphasizing
  • Offers minimal embellishment
  • Has different combination, and sometimes made of dissimilar materials

The mid-century design is believed as a movement spanned from the middle of the 1930s to the middle of the 1960s. Its style grew in America, centered on a former style that derived from Germany, such as the Bauhaus. Back in those days, after World War II, numerous of Bauhaus architect immigrated to America. This is where all the mid-century modern decor was started.

As time flies, along with the coming of new technology, people demanded a more modern furnishing for their homes. Thus, a new and modern mid-century design is created. The advance of technology made it possible for every mid-century contemporary designer to explore with a wide range of new materials. Those materials, among others, are plastic, vinyl, glass, metal, Plexiglas, and plywood.

Those materials enable the designer to create a more variety of designs that comes with different colors, effects, and textures. Some may even come in a new form to meet the demand of the people. However, each of the masterpiece designs of that era is sophisticated that keep on appealing to nowadays homeowners.

Some Well-known Mid Century Interior Designers to Know

There are a number of mid-century designers of whom designs and masterpieces have inspired younger designers who come after them. Their authentic masterworks of furniture and designs are still quested until now. We may even find out that current homeowners hunt even the copies of those masterworks.

Here are ten of those famous mid-century designers:

  • George Nelson
  • Charles Eames and his wife, Ray Eames
  • Arne Jacobsen
  • Edward Wormley
  • Harry Bertoia
  • Eero Saarinen
  • Isamu Noguchi
  • Eileen Gray
  • Verner Panton
  • Jens Risom

5 Practical Ways to Add Mid Century Modern Design Elements

Mid-century furniture pieces are highly appreciated that they come in a costly value. Maybe, it is quite impossible for you to afford such a masterpiece. However, if you want your home to have a mid-century theme, here are some stress-free ways to do it:

Consider Putting A Mirror on Your Wall

A mirror can never go wrong with your home design. It can add a light, airy ambiance to your chosen room in the house. A mirror can also highlight the landscape of your backyard or your preferred spot. Should you put it in the right place and position, a mirror can reflect the light into the room and create a feeling that your house looks bigger.

Make sure that you recognize the type of iconic mid-century mirror before purchasing one. Mirrors with sunburst design are very famous and iconic in that era. Thus, you need to look for one similar to it. You can whether you choose any replicas or the originals depends on your budget.

Have a Modern Kitchen

Homeowners in the mid-century era wanted to have their kitchen came with a futuristic and modern design. Thus, you need to learn about mid-century furniture characteristics to achieve your goal.

Make a replication of the look by having a clean line for your kitchen. You need to replace the ornate, curved kitchen cabinet with a flat and plain wooden one. Countertop surfaces made of marbles and sleek stainless steel is highly recommended. Laminate or cork flooring may also be a great way to add to your mid-century modern kitchen design. Make sure that you keep your kitchen uncluttered, simple, and clean.

Include A Bar in Your Chosen Room

When you want to bring the nostalgia of the mid-century era, you can simply add a bar in the room. For a lower price and budget, you can choose a bar cart. In fact, this item, which is easy to wheel from one room to another, is the perfect mid-century accessory. It is the right piece of furniture to entertain your guests and to party.

However, if you have already made your budget preparation, then setting a built-in bar would be the best. Make sure that you fill the bar with the iconic mid-century accessories like a cocktail shaker, vintage glasses, and expensive liquors. And voila, you have your mid-century theme in your house.

Pick the Perfect Light

Mid-century design is well known for its functionality, including when choosing the light. One of the iconic looks on this part is lights that are glittering dangling from the ceilings. Some also come as sleek lights above the tables. Make sure that you choose bold lightning, too, as a piece of mid-century lighting design.

Choose Wooden Piece of Furniture

The characteristic of mid-century furniture is made of the clean lines of walnut, oak, teak, and rosewood instead of today’s engineered pressed ones. So. If you want to make the mid-century ambiance overwhelming your room, choose the real wood furniture piece. Admittedly, getting the authentic one could be pricey and daunting. You can look for the replicas and get your most desired ones.

Bringing mid-century nuance to your home could be a daunting project. However, with diligent work and effort, you will be able to achieve your ultimate goal. You can choose to buy any authentic masterworks from that era with an expensive budget. You can also buy the replicas for your mid-century home decor, and still, be able to enjoy the desired ambiance. So, which one do you choose?

It is time for you to make your plan and execute it for your preferred home decor. Opting for the most suitable mid-century home decor will grant you with a delightful outcome.

So, which of the above mid century home decor to choose?

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