DIY Bathroom Cabinet in 12 Fabulous Options for Wall Decor

DIY Bathroom Cabinet in 12 Fabulous Options for Wall Decor

Hi guys! Today, this page wants to present a DIY bathroom cabinet. It is not only about types of bathroom cabinets but also how to make it. You might think that the bathroom cabinet is only under the sink and mirror.

It turns out this room has a lot of kinds of cabinets where you can install two or three kinds at glance. Do you want to make a super simple bath cabinet? You will do it from scratch without hassle after this. Now, focus on the cabinet options first.

12 Beautiful DIY Bathroom Cabinets

Congratulation! It will be difficult to choose the best DIY bathroom cabinets according to your mind. It is not because of the options or the quality that is not suitable for your criteria. However, it is too many options with awesome designs so you cannot specify one. Nonetheless, you must see and choose one or some from 12 following options:

  1. Mirrored Wall Bathroom Cabinet with Mini Shelves for Medicine
  2. Rustic Long Wooden Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet
  3. Inset Wall Cabinet with Black Framed Mirrored Sliding Door
  4. Vintage Wooden Door for DIY Bath Cabinet
  5. Mini Sliding Bathroom Cabinet with Curtain Door
  6. DIY Bath Cabinet with Rustic Window Frame
  7. Small Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Inset Door
  8. Medicine Cabinet Design with DIY Barn Door
  9. Bathroom Cabinet with Recessed Bamboo
  10. DIY Cabinet for Bathroom with Graphic Paper-Backed
  11. Wall Mounted Cabinet with Drawer for Medicine
  12. Colored Recycled Wood for DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Cabinet

From 12 options above, this page infers that the function and the position of bathroom cabinets are more than one. It not only stands on the floor while propping up the sink. The cabinet can attach and insert on the wall for small items including medicine.

9 Steps to Install DIY Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet for Beginners

Are you trying to remodel or repair your bathroom that you never do before? Do not doubt to have one impressive DIY bathroom wall cabinet. Rely on you and this page will help from scratch until the finish. It has prepared 9 steps to follow with the best result:

  • Firstly, you must build a basic box by cutting the plywood part to size using a table saw.
  • Secondly, assemble the cabinet using screws and glue but you can add wood dowers to get extra strength.
  • Third, make shelf support holes using a drill (bit bor brad-point) and a scrap of pegboard. Make the hole in 1/4 inch using the drill and pegboard to position the holes.
  • Fourth, cut the cabinet doors using a traditional or homemade saw in screws a straight 1x 3. Then, go on 14 x 18 inches and scrap of 3/4 inch.
  • Install the hinges on the door in 3 inches using a drill but check twice before drilling.
  • Sixth, position doors by clamping each door in the right position. Afterward, screw the hinges from inside of the cabinet for extra fit and a foolproof.
  • Next, cut the crown molding by leaning against the fence and in an inverted position.
  • Eighth, nail the crown on the corners of the frame and add glue if it is necessary.
  • Position the crown molding in the center using screw and drill.

Okay, that is detailed information on the way to build your own bathroom vanity kits that you should follow and try. Good luck!

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