DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity from 14 Gorgeous Options

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity From 14 Gorgeous Options

Choose to use DIY furniture does not always signify that you disable to pay the new one. Despite it, this custom and handmade style shows a high-creativity. It is such as DIY farmhouse bathroom vanity that does not look ugly. By setting handcrafted item at any space, it adds new privilege that feels in your heart so much. You free add any design or decoration that makes it is truly different from other similar themes. DIY modern bathroom vanity comes in various options.

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Ideas in 14 Sensational Options

The bathroom cannot leave a vanity set because this room is not only to take a bath and take a shower. However, it is a room for storing first aid kit, toiletries, make-up, and so on. Therefore, it is very important to design it in a multifunctional role. DIY farmhouse style bathroom vanity also adds a new sensation to the aesthetic and sense. It looks more functional and alive.

Farmhouse bathroom vanity design itself not only has one look but people have developed it. So, it can compete with other styles and in any bathroom design. On this page, you should see 14 ideas to create an amazing vanity set for you. Let’s see it!

  1. Small DIY Bathroom Vanity with Diagonal Pallet Wood Top
  2. Wonderful White Color Wooden DIY Bathroom Vanity with Large Open shelf
  3. Glossed Dark Brown Wooden Small Vanity with White Enamel Sink
  4. Modest DIY Bathroom Vanity with Drawer, Open Shelf, and Grey Stone Countertop
  5. Cool Black White Builder Grade Farmhouse Vanity Set
  6. Modest Farmhouse Vanity with Double Open Shelves
  7. Snow White Color DIY Farmhouse Vanity in 8 feet long
  8. Two-Color Small Wooden Vanity in Square Shape with Handles
  9. Farmhouse Vintage DIY Bathroom Vanity
  10. DIY Bathroom Vanity in Sweet Long Color
  11. Farmhouse DIY Cherry Bathroom Vanity
  12. Antique Farmhouse Small Bathroom Vanity
  13. Modern Farmhouse DIY Vanity for Bathroom
  14. Rustic Farmhouse DIY Vanity

2 Steps of Simple DIY Farmhouse Vanity for your Small Bathroom

Besides the samples of DIY farmhouse style bathroom vanity above, this page has a short guide to make it. Here, it chooses the simplest design that will finish after 5 steps. However, prepare 2 mount sinks in 18″ wide x 15″ deep, one 10 feet long in 4×4 and one 12 feet long 1x 6. Provide one board 1x 3, project panel or plywood 60 inches x 18 inches. You may change it by making tabletop from two 1 x 10 boards in 60 feet long. It still needs 2′ screws (2), wood filler, wood glue, paint, and sealant. Then, you must pass 2 steps such as below:

  • Make cut list for four legs (4×4 @ 29 1/4″), four spacers (1×3 @ 5 1/2″), and two side aprons (1×6 @ 10″). Once more, you should add two top side supports.
  • Next, it is the general instructions where you must use good straight boards for starting work. The boards should have a clean surface. Use the screws to predrill and countersink. However, it is so important to measure and mark out the joint before you fasten it. Use glue and the screws in 1/ 2 inch and check for square after every step.

Well, that is the steps to practice the DIY farmhouse bathroom vanity! Never say doubt to try it right now. Good luck!

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