DIY Half Wall Idea that Simple but Looks Classy

DIY Half Wall Idea that Simple but Looks Classy

Touch uniqueness in wherever you want to along with DIY half wall idea. Plenty of ideas for this half wall transformation you can do it alone. Present it in the entryway, staircase, open-floor design, bathroom, and anywhere you have the plan. By the way, the half wall design has another name as a pony wall. It can stand as the half partition, bookshelves, and bench. Try to present it at home along with this page. Find the guide of DIY half wall room divider here easily.

DIY Half Wall Idea or Pony Wall Advantages on your Home Design

Never underestimate DIY half wall room divider that is not difficult to undertake by the beginners. This pony wall as the half room divider has a lot of advantages that you should know. By installing or adding this partition, your living will:

Create DIY Pony Wall for Bookcase Easily

Truthfully, this page collects two views of the half wall design or pony wall. You may say it as pros and cons that it, precisely, understands by everyone. The pro is you can divide your room or space without skipping the open floor plan. Unluckily, this kind of wall is less practice or impractical. It also looks unsightly and seems just to spend the budget. Do not give up but here you should find the solution.

Keep trying DIY half wall room divider as the room divider and the bookcase. Ignore the cons because it adds more aesthetic senses as well as a useful part. How to add a bookcase in your half-wall partition? Let’s check it dot:

  1. Install some wood planks as the shelves and the cover behind your half wall.
  2. Paint with the color that you like and balance with the room color scheme.
  3. Add some molding to close the wall that is not flat and or less interesting. Installing molding on the wall is simple and quick. But, the result is so classy and distinguished.

It turns out, molding becomes the perfect way to give a privilege touch on your half-wall design. Remember, the project of DIY half wall idea is not only for bookcase beside the stair. It will be the most creative idea to have a nice foyer reading nook. So, add one or two seats as a convenient place for reading. Try it if you do not have it yet and see the change and sense directly. You will like it because you can undertake your reading habit while enjoying the open-space view. Feel free to download the image and learn the work performance. After this, you will master it and ready to have a new reading space. Good luck!

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