DIY Kitchen Cabinet and Shelf Just in 3 Steps

Feel free to give a custom look on your space by your hands and mind. Realize it as your relaxed project in your kitchen! DIY kitchen cabinet and the shelf is a good solution to give this fabulous idea. Find a lot of ideas only here for the various cabinet designs with versatile racks or shelves. By the way, the project of DIY kitchen cabinet shelves is not only suitable for small kitchen organizer. Apply it in your classic, classic, minimalist, large, and any designs.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet and Shelf Design Ideas that Inexpensive and Easy to build

Adding extra shelves in your kitchen cabinet is easy. But, most people often spend much time only to choose the style of DIY kitchen cabinet shelves. Avoid or prevent wasting time anymore by applying one of these ideas:

  1. Below table shelf

It is not only easy but also comes for a super-useful for many needs.

  1. Dish drying shelf

Secondly, the dish drying shelf is useful to dry the dishes while you clearing your countertop.

  1. DIY over the Sink Wooden Shelf

The kitchen cabinet put a simple wooden shelf over the sink to put some plants and soap bottles.

  1. Ceiling cabinet shelves

You are installing one or two sets of cupboards in your DIY kitchen cabinet shelves. Adding extra storage under the cabinet is mainstream enough. So, try to design it over the cabinet while uniting to the ceiling.

  1. Spice Cabinet shelves

Lastly, it presents a spice cabinet with a trim door and shelves inside. Install in on the wall or in one of the kitchen cabinet walls. This storage solution eases to find any seasonings.

Add Extra Shelves simply in 3 Steps

Explore your ideas to show different DIY kitchen cabinet and shelf that is truly different from others. Get how to add the shelves easily and simply here from the stuff to prepare first:

  • Provide 2′ x 4′ sheet of 1/2″ sanded birch plywood that will result in about 4 shelves.
  • Prepare an edge banding trimmer and the birch edge banding.
  • Provide a miter saw, Exacto knife, shelf pins, iron, and table saw/
  • Then, add prefinished shelving that you need for your cabinets.
  • Next, you may shelf pins.

Meanwhile, how to add the shelves in the kitchen cabinet with 3 steps are:

  1. Begin by measuring the width of the shelf or cabinet.
  2. Cut the additional cabinet that you will install in each cabinet.
  3. Utilize the cupboard space properly by arranging the shelves.

To optimize your performance and the storage design, group the items that have the same size. Start store from the most items that you need and easy to reach. Stack the item and get rid of the stuff regularly at least once a year. Lay tall items if it is possible to conduct. Well, that is detailed information on the DIY kitchen cabinet and shelf with various ideas. The guide to making extra shelves above is so easy to follow. Believe it, your creation will look custom such as you want to. Practice those ways on the weekend if you are busy enough.  Thank you for reading. Good luck!

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