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DIY Produce Stand under $30 finishes in 4 Hours (Entirely)

DIY Produce Stand under $30 finishes in 4 Hours (Entirely)

How to add more storage space without spending much money in the kitchen? Do not think to go to the furniture shop but change your mind. Try to make DIY produce stand under $30 like the following examples.

It is more economical for your financial you can fill your time to make an artwork.  You might disbelieve that you can still save money in 2020 for getting an excellent item. DIY kitchen produce stand under $30 may exist in the store. But, create it alone is always more meaningful.

DIY Produce Stand under $30 is a sign to back to nature again

Remember, nature is in an emergency condition and you must help it. Reduce manufacturer products from a small thing like stand furniture in your home. DIY produce stand under $30 is the right choice to start where the material is wood. The material is, of course, friendly for fruits, veggies, and other food ingredients.

Now, do not only think about practice so that you use a careless product. Start to present more environmentally friendly items at home. Make it alone such as 9 following designs:

  1. DIY Two tiers Stand on Freestanding Kitchen Island
  2. Industrial Kitchen Produce Stand from Metal Basket and Upcycled Shutter
  3. Amazing DIY Produce Stand with Slide Out Pallet Wood Drawers
  4. Mini Stackable Produce Stand with Chalkboard
  5. Rustic Produce Stand with Separator
  6. DIY Produce Stand Bin
  7. Trendy Cheap DIY Produce Stand
  8. DIY Produce Stand from Upcycled Paper Bag
  9. Rustic Reclaimed Pallet Wood Produce Stand with Wire Chicken Doors

6 How to make Trendy Cheap DIY Produce Stand that under $30

You might find some of them more than $30 in the store. But, you can minimize the materials to keep it under thirty dollars. By the way, this page takes one of DIY kitchen produce stand under $30 options above to make. It is a trendy cheap DIY produce stand that only needs some materials. You quite prepare 2 longboards in 10″ (1x 6) and one longboards in 8″ (1 x 4). Then, add a long piece in 18” of 2 x 4.

Next, here are 6 steps for making this cheap produce stand:

  • Cut 1x 6 boards to create the boxes by involving two 7″ pieces and three 18″ long pieces. Use a finish nail gun or compressor to cut it. Afterward, nail the box together.
  • Cut two pieces for the entire stand with each board is 32″. Then, use 30 degrees to cut the upper section.
  • Next, make base supports by cutting pieces of 2 x 4 in 9 inches and 45 degrees angle. Add a sidepiece on the outside of the part of the bottom support before screwing them in. Screw into 1 x4’s but drill it before screwing to avoid splitting.
  • Added the bottom box from the base about a half-inch.
  • Add the middle-box between the bottom and top box. Then, give a little sanding as well as painting.
  • Finally, its finishes and the entire steps just spend 4 hours from scratch including the painting time.

So, DIY produce stand under $30 is not only inexpensive but also fast to do. It is two advantages that will not make you forget. Good luck!

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