DIY Vanity Makeover Concrete Overlay for Crazy Cheap Remodel

DIY Vanity Makeover Concrete Overlay for Crazy Cheap Remodel

DIY vanity makeover concrete overlay will be a good idea to remodel your bathroom. It is exactly in your vanity set or powder room. Never forget the quality and power of concrete that has a big role in each construction. Turn back to the DIY vanity makeover using concrete overlay as the main topic today. Most people regard that the result will not look catchy like using granite, marble, or quartz. However, they change their opinion after seeing the result and know the way.

DIY Vanity Makeover Concrete Overlay: What is Overlay for this case?

What is the meaning of overlay in DIY vanity makeover using concrete overlay? It is a mixture of pigment, concrete, and addictive materials. You free adding any pigment to get the look that you want to while the addictive material improves the smoothness. Besides that, it improves the workability and the amount of work time before setting concrete.

That is the definition of overlay for this bathroom project. If you are all ready to start the project here are the materials and tools to prepare:

Enjoy the steps to run your Vanity Makeover Project

Now, it is time to run the project of DIY vanity makeover using concrete overlay! Enjoy these steps to get a maximum look and result:

  1. Sand the countertop quickly to remove debris and dust on the surface. Use heavy grit sandpaper to undertake it before continuing to score the surface with a utility knife.
  2. Cover the cabinet and other items around to keep clean them from the dust and debris.
  3. Once finished the preparation, it is time to mix the overlay based on the instructions. Prepare one part water for mixing four parts of cement all both set control and flow control. The rule applies to the pigment and all ingredients. Notice! You must use the mixing container to add the water to the dry ingredients. This way helps to prevent or avoid miss measurement.

By the way, your vanity top just needs two 32oz containers and this page takes Harvest Gold Ashby Integral color as the pigment. Two Set Control ® is super helpful to extend your time and it just spends a few bucks to get it.

  1. Remember to add the dry ingredients after the water but mix the pigment on the ingredient before pouring in the water. Mix it in a few minutes using use shovel, trowel, or anything you provide until smooth.
  2. Next, lay the overlay on your vanity countertop using your hand. Tidy it up with a shovel, trowel, and sponge before letting it dry.
  3. Next, mix your grout and add a secondary pigment using the same pigment. Spread it using float to the entire surface and let it truly dry. Afterward, wipe away the layer using a moist sponge until you satisfy with the look. Rinse your sponge to avoid unwanted streaks and rinse with your sponge if you find it. apply the sealer coat after it is dry and let it dry. Apply the second sealer coat and you may repeat as you want.
  4. Finally, it finishes!

DIY vanity makeover concrete overlay needs 7 steps to conduct the project. Soon, prepare the material, tools, and ready to start it. Good luck!

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