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Easy Room Decor Ideas for Your House and Your Favorite Room

Easy Room Decor Ideas for Your House and Your Favorite Room

Room decor ideas always become an interesting topic on the internet since decorating your room can boost the atmosphere in your house.

There are plenty of rooms in everyone’s house, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and the other rooms that can be decorated with a specific theme. Moreover, we will get bored if the room always has the same color and decoration every time we enter it.

Decorating your own room can be expensive and tricky at the same time since it needs a lot of effort and money. It is the reason why many people hire a room decorator to beautify their homes.

It is easier and cheaper for you to decorate your room by yourself. You can also choose your preferred decoration and wallpaper to match your expectations.

Type of Room Decorations

Decoration themes always determine the room’s atmosphere. Warm and lightful decoration can give a warm atmosphere for your room. It can increase happiness and reduce stress for the owner.

Meanwhile, dark or black decorations can bring a gloomy atmosphere for your room. Then, it is best for you to give a bright atmosphere for your room.

Girl room decoration can be different with boy room decoration. Here are some DIY room decor and organization ideas.

Ideas for Room Decorations

The decorating room can be very tricky for some people, but actually it is really fun and easy to do. You can create certain atmosphere by combining different elements in your room. Here are some examples of room decoration ideas.

Green and Cozy Living Room Decoration

Easy to build yet very cozy to spend your leisure time in the room. Mostly build with white-colored or gray-colored decoration, this one is one of the simplest room decoration.

The important point that you should always preserve in this decoration is the plant since it gives the greeny atmosphere in the room. It can always freshen your days.

Simple Terrace Decoration

If you are a person who likes to spend most of your time on your terrace reading your books or just simply relaxing your body, then this terrace decoration is a must-do for you.

The important element in this decoration is simplicity. You just need to place a large square table and a cozy chair and do not forget to place some plants and additional decorations to make it perfect.

Cozy Guest Room Decoration

It is about the fusion between dark and light elements. It consists of black and white color and a little retouch of light from the lamp.

This decoration can create a warm atmosphere inside your guest room. You can also place your favorite photographs or paintings on the wall. The recommendation is to place abstract paintings but it is up to you to choose your own selection.

Kitchen Decoration

This is an innovation for your kitchen. The kitchen is usually arranged at the dining table and the place where we cook and store the food, but in this decoration, there is a little room for an after-eat moment.

This decoration is best for your family since you can have some conversation with your family members after you dine with them.

It is very easy to arrange the room since you just need a sofa and small tables. You can also add vase or candles too.

Hallway Decoration

Lack of decoration usually found in the hallway, although this place connects every room in your house. It is better for you to give a color to your hallway.

You can just combine lighting, wall decoration, and wallpaper to make your hallway colorful. Decorating it with your family picture is the best choice for the wall decoration since it will bring back old memories.

Black, gray, white or brown colored wallpaper will strengthen the decoration, but another color also does it fine.

Additional Decoration

Room decoration is not always about decorating the wall, sofa, and chair. Other complementary elements are also important to make it perfect. Here is some additional decoration for your room.

Glass Vase

These go-green ideas are easy to make and only require a little amount of space. This can be perfect for your living room, kitchen or guest room.

You can use almost any kind of bottle, but it is better for you to use a clear bottle. If you have used a bottle such as soda, juice or booze, you can also use them to make the glass vase.

Both fresh plant or synthetic plant is fine, but it is better to use fresh plant or flower since it can give you a bright atmosphere. Do not forget to change the water, or it will be dirty.

Water lily or lavender is the perfect match for this vase in case you need a recommendation.

Tropical Terrarium

This is the best decoration for you who love plants. Fill your desk with those greeneries from little plants such as cactus.

Moreover, this plant can circulate the oxygen in your room better. It can freshen your day and your eyes just by looking the plant while sipping your tea.

It is easy to make since you just need glass or jar, soil, and rock. You can get the plant by simply buying it at the nearest store. The arrangement should be made based on the plant categories.

Do not forget to water the plants regularly to make it green and fresh.


The atmosphere of the room can also be created with wallpaper. Wallpaper is one of the important elements that build up the theme of the room.

The basic color of wallpaper is white and black but many people use brown or gray wallpaper. Black wallpaper works great with sufficient amount of light, but the best is to combine black and white and sometimes gray.

Rather than hiring a room decorator, it is better to decorate your own room since it cost less money and also fun to do. You also can ask your partner or family member to help you do the decoration job.

There are more room decor ideas available on the internet and you can choose your favorite one, but in the end, it is yourself that determines the element and the color of your own room.

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