Enchanting Luxurious Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Your House

Enchanting Luxurious Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Your House

Decorating a bathroom is a must-do for people who already have a passion for making his bathroom more beautiful than the regular one. There are plenty of luxurious bathrooms decorating ideas on the internet, and you can select the best ideas for you.

The bathroom always becomes an essential room in your house since you regularly use this room to refresh yourself in the morning or after work. This room can still be your best friend in starting your day and ending your day.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Nowadays, the contemporary bathroom seems to cover all the things that we need, more than regular and necessary things such as heater, music and even tv screen. All kinds of toiletries are also available in the modern bathroom.

The idea of a luxurious bathroom is exist in this modern era. A luxurious bathroom is a shiny yet expensive type of bathroom that people can build. The combination of several elements can create this sense of luxurious.

Here is our recommendation about bathroom design that categorized as the luxurious and glamorous one that can fit into your perspective.

Luxurious Bathroom for Your House

As you can see in this image, this design relies much on the combination of warm lighting and slightly gold to classic color. Just by looking at it on the first glance, you can feel the luxurious feelings of the bathroom.

It seems to be complicated that you have to combine several elements to create this luxurious feeling, but it is simpler than you think.

Kinds of Floor That You can Use

The primary things that create a luxurious atmosphere are the ceramic marble and wooden floor with a little touch of warm light color. You can carefully choose the right color and combination for the floor and marble.

Our best recommendation is that you should use brown to cream-colored ceramic marble since it can boost the luxurious and elegant image of the wall and surroundings. This type of ceramic can pretty sure be a perfect match with the warm-toned lighting.

For the marble’s style, you can choose the abstract one or the natural style. It does not have any effect on the decoration.

You can use different types of floors, but we recommend you to use the wooden floor. A wooden floor will create a kind of classic bathroom feeling and also match perfectly with the warm lighting.

Other than the wooden floors, you can also choose the ceramic marble floor since it can endure a very long period of usage. The marble floor is also relatively easier to clean than a wooden floor, but the price tag is also different.

Mirror, in the middle of the bathroom, is one of the essential things in every house. The mirror itself can’t be just a mirror, but you should also add some decorations to it. In this design, the mirror decorated with some black ceramics at the upper and lower level. Lighting also exists behind the ceramic.

Choosing the Right Storage for Your Bathroom

The kind of bathtub and toilet thing you can want is white with some gold decoration on it. This kind of decoration will be a perfect match with the theme, though, that the gold color not always comes in real gold.

Toiletries such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc. can be stored in the corner near the mirror. The storage is open storage made from glass or wood. Both of them have pros and cons.

The glass board is relatively more fragile than the wood since it is a glass at first. You can choose a stronger glass to pick in the store. Some glasses can endure tough pressure, and some of them are fragile. It is relatively easy to clean and will be very useful is you spoil some of your shampoo or body wash on it.

A wooden board is stronger than the glass since it is harder than glass, but it is harder to clean and only usable for a short period (below 20-30 years). It is easier to spot dirt on the wooden board, and it is also harder to clean them if the wood is not coated with particular paint. The wood is also less durable in terms of time.

Lighting in Your Bathroom

Lighting is also an essential thing in the bathroom. It will determine the theme of the design by the intensity of the light it emits. Softer lighting usually means warmer feelings. This dim lighting can be used to create a luxurious and classic atmosphere inside your bathroom.

The lamp design is one aspect that you can’t leave. Our recommendation is to use a classic and gold lamp style because it will create a perfect combination with the warm light from the bulb.

Other bathroom decorations are complimentary, but it is your choice to select them on your idea. Classic, gold, or ceramic decoration is the best choice for you. Anything odd, silly, or abstract decoration is one that you should get for your bathroom.

You can choose a wooden window for your bathroom if you should add any window into it, but usually, the bathroom does not have any window. A classic dark brown colored window will miraculously match your luxurious themed bathroom.

Additional Decoration for Your Bathroom

This design also uses the plant as other decoration. The plant fits in any decoration. It can give a sense of nature in your surroundings. The plant can recycle carbon dioxide to oxygen and refresh the air inside the room.

Any plant can fit into this luxurious design. Our recommendation is a bonsai tree, one of the plants that regularly cropped so that its growth can be maintained. Bonsai is one of the trees that symbolized wealth, often used by people to express luck.

There are many more decorations that you can add it by yourself. Brown, cream, and gold-colored decorations are some of the things that will match perfectly with the theme.

The luxurious bathroom decorating ideas above is our recommended ideas for you who want to create something different for your bathroom. You can also try another idea by combining elements so that you can get the luxurious feeling of your bathroom.

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