Farmhouse Kitchen Design and Decorating Ideas for Fun Cooking

Farmhouse Kitchen Design and Decorating Ideas for Fun Cooking

Whatever your kitchen design and style may be, it is the heart of your home. Should you want to remodel your kitchen, why don’t you consider to choose the aesthetic modern farmhouse kitchen design? Applying the model could be your best effort in welcoming as well as spoiling your family and friends.

A farmhouse kitchen is a perfect place to gather your family and friends for a warm meeting and relationship. The ambiance that is comforting, clean, functional, and homey is among the many reasons you need to consider applying the concept. Usually, farmhouse kitchen decorating comes in a rustic, crisp white, and wooden designs. You can either choose the traditional or the contemporary design for your kitchen decor.

Elements of Traditional Farmhouse Kitchens and The Modern Ones

Let’s take the time a little back, where the inspiration for this particular kitchen idea comes from. Initially, we get the inspiration of this model from old English country homes and functional American farmhouses of the 18th and 19th centuries. Thus, we need to consider the element of this traditional farmhouse kitchen, as follows:

  1. Natural Materials

Natural materials are essential elements you can add on top of your neutral base kitchen. Woods will never go wrong with any decor you choose. Choosing this particular material for your countertops and furniture would be your best option. It may bring a fresh feeling to your kitchen.

  1. Neutral Colors

Using a neutral color as the base of rustic farmhouse kitchen decor is the key element to its authentic design. This way, you will keep your kitchen to be bright, light, and airy. The natural light you have on the particular room will be an advantage to make the best ambiance in your kitchen. For the backsplash and cabinets, you can choose lighter shades of grays and white.

  1. Vintage or Industrial Materials

Adding antique or industrial elements on the kitchen accessories and lighting is a great way to accentuate your farmhouse kitchen. Make sure that you use them sparingly for the best result.

11 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas to Integrate into Your House

Admittedly, there are myriads of kitchen design ideas you can look forward to implementing in your home. You do need to do your homework before picking the best one. The followings are some designs to help you achieve your objectives in finding the right farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget:

  1. Wooden Table

If you want a kitchen island that embraces many characters, adding a wooden table in the center of your kitchen would be best. Placing some repurposed and mismatched pieces of furniture, and they will become the trademark of the room. Should you want your kitchen to feel homey, you can put a rustic table as your extra counter space.

  1. Old Fashioned Appliances

Old fashioned appliances will spot the look of your white farmhouse kitchen. Among the many old fashioned tools, you can choose vintage glass canister, old-style mason jars, English style iron range, or a retro refrigerator. Surely, there are a lot of numbers of other appliances with old fashioned designs available on the market. Pick the best ones that match your kitchen perfectly.

  1. Apron Sink

The Apron style sink is one of the quintessential farmhouse kitchen’s classic features. From the many options available to choose, using white ceramic would be the best option. While the sink is visually distinct from the farmhouse kitchen cabinets, it is noticeable from the front. It is a great place to drape a dish towel or apron over it.

  1. Black and White

Black and white accents are a common feature of this particular kitchen design. Choosing the perfect one will have you to adjust it with your entire kitchen decor.

  1. Lighting that Enables to Set the Mood

Farmhouse kitchen lighting comes in an extensive range of options. If you want your kitchen to hold a traditional atmosphere, you can choose a lighting style with pendants made of a metal lantern. For a modern look, choose lighting that made of transparent glass spheres.

  1. Warming Rug

Break the austere feeling of your country kitchen by adding some colorful accents to it. A red or blue rug could be an excellent choice to do so. Make sure that you pay attention to its variety to grant you the best function and comfort. Choose one that is easy to wash, so that you can experience the superfluous padding while cooking.

  1. Cabinets Warming Rug

Break the austere feeling of your country kitchen by adding some colorful accents to it. A red or blue rug could be an excellent choice to do so. Make sure that you pay attention to its variety to grant you the best function and comfort. Choose one that is easy to wash, so that you can experience the extra padding while cooking.

  1. Cabinets with Shaker Style

Shaker style cabinets are the perfect one for your country style kitchen. The religious sect is known as Shakers, initially make this distinctive furniture style. Due to their beliefs, which highly honor honesty, utility, and simplicity, they made gorgeous and well-made furniture with minimalist design.

Considering to make your farmhouse kitchen cabinets DIY could save you a dime while achieving the best-desired result.

  1. Chalkboards

Have you ever thought of putting a chalkboard in your kitchen? Yes, putting a chalkboard in your country style kitchen is a good idea to apply. It is, indeed, functional and fun. You can make it as a place to post your groceries and recipes. It is also a great way to communicate with the whole family by placing reminders and warming notes on it.

  1. Colorful Tile

Common farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas mostly uses wood for the flooring. You can choose to use a mosaic tile with multiple colors for a distinctive look. Choose the pattern and color that matches your kitchen impeccably.

  1. Butcher Block

For a refined and straightforward kitchen look, you can choose wood butcher block countertops. However, you can also want to mix it with other materials for a modern look. Make sure that you regularly oil it in 3 to 4 weeks, so that the wood will not be damaged.

Having a chic and functional farmhouse kitchen seems to be everybody’s dream. Nevertheless, there are also some efforts to do to achieve it. Upon reading the above article on farmhouse kitchen design ideas, hopefully, you can make your desired farmhouse kitchen within the near future. This way, you can cherish the heart of your home with your loved ones.


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