Farmhouse Menu Board Roles on Country Kitchen Decor

Farmhouse Menu Board Roles On Country Kitchen Decor

Farmhouse home décor gives a lot of ways to realize it easily and cheaply. Even, many ways apply for one interior space like the kitchen. The farmhouse menu board includes the perfect equipment for your country kitchen décor. It turns out this simple chalkboard has plenty of functions such as a menu board. You might only know one function but the reality is farmhouse kitchen décor needs the board more than that. Where to buy this country kitchen ornament? Let’s see it!

Farmhouse Menu Board Functions and how to have it

Presenting a farmhouse kitchen décor can be through buying on the store or make it alone. Try to make the DIY menu board from the repurposed fence or other everyday goods. Then, perfect it with a black paint color before hanging on the wall or the furniture side. Another way is by painting the wall to make the board simply.

Where do you can purchase the rustic, DIY, or custom menu board for farmhouse kitchen décor? Feel free to check Pinterest, Esty, Wayfair, and other home décor store near you. Open the website and find the recent price to take along with the model. Meanwhile, the function of the board is very big such as below:

By hanging the board, you do not confuse to serve a meal every day. Quite look at the board for the ingredients that you have prepared before. Meal plan sign means you use it to mark the meals that you have planned before.

  • Weekly Meal Plan

Write all the menus for dinner, lunch, and breakfast for seven days. It is truly effective to serve excellent meals with good nutrition.

  • Wooden Kitchen Sign

If you want to hang more than one boards use it as a unique kitchen sign.

  • Fixer Upper Décor

Meanwhile, the menu board like it can fix upper décor easily without working hard. The most important thing is you do not need to waste anything here.

Choose your Menu Board from these Options

Regard it as your time to purchase the best farmhouse menu board. It does not matter to buy it if your time truly nothing for the DIY idea. Truthfully, you may just see and take the design to make it alone. Well, here are some examples of the board for various functions in your country kitchen:

  1. Vertical Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard

The vertical menu board looks rustic but it just the style or outlook. Here, the newest price for this farmhouse kitchen board is starting from $27.71.

  1. Wooden black and gray framed menu boards

It looks catchy with a warm light brown frame. They look nice not rustic but suitable for any country or rustic kitchen design with a modern touch. By the way, the price is about $35.24.

  1. Farm Fresh Menu

The third is a farm-fresh menu board that you can purchase from $30.00 also has a unique design. This last offering is very suitable for your farmhouse kitchen with a rustic and gothic sense. Try it!

Find other designs and prices of the farmhouse menu board here. You will not feel just wasting time on this menu board. Feel free to see, choose, and buy or follow. Good luck!

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