Finding Bathroom Storage for A Small Bathroom

Finding Bathroom Storage For A Small Bathroom

There is plenty of bathroom storage for small bathroom ideas available on the internet. Some of them are different from other ideas, and some of them have the same structure.

As a traveler or people who live far away from their home, they must always live in an apartment or boarding house. It is usually a small place consisted of very few rooms used for basic livings such as bedroom, bathroom, living room, and sometimes a kitchen.

The function of every room is reduced to the only basic function of living, and most people who live in apartments or boarding houses are rarely staying for a long time in their room. The room is also rarely decorated and only cleaned regularly.

People who live in apartments or boarding houses have small bathrooms. It is different from people who live in their own houses who can decorate their bigger bathroom easily.

A smaller bathroom means a smaller room for things such as bathroom decorations. You can’t add any useless things that you don’t need inside your bathroom. Items that existed in the bathroom are basic toiletries and fewer decorations.

When you need to place more things in the bathroom, you will always search for a new idea since your bathroom is small and can’t fit more items in it.

Despite the simplicity that the small bathroom has, you can actually fit more items with small bathroom storage ideas below. You can efficiently place your favorite items and decoration with this idea.

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small bathroom decoration can be hard and tricky, especially for someone who never does any decoration for his or her room. Despite that opinion, the decorating bathroom is actually a fun and easy thing to do if you already have the idea and concept.

If you have a small bathroom, you should carefully plan the decoration and the furniture since not all the things will fit into the small room. The theme should also be determined first because it will also affect all the decoration inside the bathroom.

This design fits perfectly with your small bathroom. Every component is carefully planned and placed in the right place. The theme used in this design is nature and simplicity without adding any excess decorations inside the bathroom.

Type of Floors for Small Bathroom

The floor is from ceramic marble or wood; both are fine. If you want your bathroom to look more elegant, you can choose the ceramic marble. If you want it to look more natural, you can choose the wooden floor with natural color on it.

Space-Saving Storage That will Fit Into Small Bathroom

Toiletries can be stored in small but tall wooden bathroom shelves. It can be as tall as yourself so that you can save more space and add more items. You can also make it by yourself with some pallet woods or any other woods, screw, paint, driller, and screwdriver.

You can place a medium-sized cupboard above the sink to store other items such as a medical kit or toiletries. Alternatively, you can change the cupboard with a mirror if you are used in washing your face in front of the mirror.

The design of the sink is up to you, but we recommend you to use a ceramic or stone sink. For a natural theme, it is better to use the stone sink, and for the elegant theme, you can use a ceramic sink.

In this design, the sink is placed above the cupboard to save some rooms for storing the other items. You don’t need to place a big sink since you only need it to wash your face and to brush your teeth.

If you need more spaces, you can use a fabric bag (in the left) to store more items or just make other wooden shelves.

This design uses a glass door for the actual bathroom, but you can use any kind of door if you want simpler alternatives. The point of using the glass door here is to amplify the elegant image of the bathroom itself.

Wallpaper as Additional Decoration

Wall background in this design is using gray-brick colored wallpaper. You don’t really need to use real bricks to create the effect, but simply, just add brick wallpaper. It can help you a lot with your time.

Other backgrounds such as plain wallpaper or little-to-zero stripe or style will also do it fine, just make sure that the color should match the decorations in your bathroom. White, cream, black, gray, or gold-colored wallpaper is one of the best choices that you can use for the bathroom.

Plants as Additional Decoration

Plants are always useful in every kind of decorations. It can fit pretty well almost in every situation. You can also get a lot of benefits if you include plants to your decoration lists. Plants can refresh the air inside the bathroom, and you can easily water with tap water; just make sure that they get enough light.

It will be better to add smaller plants because bigger plants will consume more space in the bathroom. Smaller plants such as cactus, grass type plant, and backyard plants are better for your bathroom.

Aloe vera is our best recommendation since you can use it later for your personal use, such as washing your hair or make jelly from it. It is very useful for you.

For the plant’s pot, you can use white ceramic pot to make it more beautiful and fit to the background color. Two to five plants will make your bathroom better than no plant at all.

If you want your bathroom smell better, you can add room freshener with citrus or flowery perfume. It will make the bathroom’s aroma becomes more natural and fresh.

You are the one who determines the theme of your decoration. There are many themes that you can apply for your bathroom, but the basic themes are natural, elegant, and also classic.

Bathroom storage for small bathroom ideas actually varies from sizes, but for a small bathroom, it will be efficient if you place small storage. Moreover, with unique storage ideas, you can save more space and add more items to your bathroom.

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