Gorgeous and Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas for Teenage

Gorgeous And Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas For Teenage

Designing a bedroom for teenagers is relatively tricky. Because you have to discuss the design and interior of the child first to suit their tastes. Don’t let you guess what your teenager liked, their result will not be at home and comfortable in his bedroom.

Different from the bedroom design in general. Bedroom design for teenagers will undoubtedly be more expressive with cheerful shades for girls and more sporty for guys. They not only make the bedroom a resting place, but also a place where they learn, hang out with a friend, and so forth.

As a parent, you have to collaborate with your children to design the best bedroom, relaxed, and comfortable for them. Here are some gorgeous and cozy bedroom design ideas for teenage girls and boys.

Vintage Cute

Some teenagers love vintage things, you can make it happen in their bedroom. Following design ideas.


Some teenagers may include your child likes vintage and unique things. To realize an old bedroom is commonly used white, beige, or soft pink color. These colors can be applied to furniture, wall, or floor.


For furniture, use an outdated look with unique carving details such as mirrors and antique chairs. Put Old iron bed, and you can paint it in a bright color. A vintage lamp or chandelier could be the best accessories.

To further highlight the vintage impression, you can add displays such as Old lamp, vintage painting or drawing, or vintage vases.

Boho Style

Not only adults, but boho or bohemian styles also begin to attract the teenagers ‘ interest. The elements must be in the bedroom with a boho style among them.


The use of many colors becomes characterizes by the bohemian style. So, your teenager can freely use colors to their liking. No irregular, no problem.


For a teen girl’s bedroom, you can use linen for the bed and pair it with the simple pillow to bring a relaxed feel. Use a lot of plants in small pots to decorate your child’s bedroom, and this will accentuate the boho style from the bedroom.

Metal and wood can be an option for boho style bedrooms, such as wood shelves, iron beds, and so on. Detailed ornaments are typical of boho style, such as throw pillow with a pattern of hippie, dream-catcher, colorful patterned fabrics.

Bright and Airy

This theme makes your teen room brighter with good air circulation.


In general, to make the room more luminous is using white color in almost the whole place. But teenagers don’t really like monotonous colors. So, you can combine some bright colors such as green, blue, yellow on the walls, and finished with white trim.


Bright colors in the details of decorations placed in the bedroom can add a wider and more bright impression. Add some potted of the plant to bring the natural and airy look.

Additional paintings or collections of photo displays can create a homey impression in your teenage bedroom. Complete the room with a large mirror with brightly colored frames to give a spacious feeling.

Eclectic Style

An Eclectic style is an amalgamation of several existing styles. You need to look at the matches of some styles and apply them to the bedroom.


You can use colors such as blue-gray, tangerine, lavender, bright green, and so on.


Old cabinets and classic chairs can be placed in your teenage bedroom. You can add some bookshelf or camping tend to make a private area.

Many decorative ornaments characterize the eclectic style. For your teenage bedroom, use patterned or lined chair pads, large, brightly colored curtains or carpets with geometric patterns like zig-zag, stripes, etc.

Fun and Expressive

What does your teenager have a cheerful and passionate personality?. If so, their bedroom must be more ornaments or artwork that they are interested in.


A cheerful teen is sure to like a full-color room. However, do not make the room too striking because it will quickly feel boring for the child. Balance with soft colors that do not hurt the eyes.


Wall paintings, handmade artwork, murals can complement your teen’s bedroom. You can also provide a spot for them to pour their creative ideas like a big whiteboard on walls or walls for them to draw.

Sweet Purple

Purple-themed bedrooms are quite popular among teenagers.


Because it is purple-themed, not the whole room must be purple. Give a gradient or color game, so the bedroom doesn’t look tacky. You can use a neutral white color for the wall. It is, so the room is not too dark.


The bed can be you enter a purple theme using a purple bed cover, let your child choose the type of purple that is liked (soft purple or bright purple). Place cabinets and bookshelves painted purple.


Teen guys definitely like the sports theme applied to the bedroom with room elements including


The color selection to create a sporty bedroom is quite varied. To stand out in the decor, for a neutral wall coloring. If you want to emphasize the sporty effect, you can use the sports wallpaper on one of the wall sections only.


Decorating the sport-themed rooms will certainly use furniture and sport-themed room accessories. Such as a basketball-shaped chair or football. Bed cover, curtain, or carpet can be patterned football, basketball, and so forth. Merchandise from your favorite sports branches can be a showcase in your teenage bedroom.


Many teenage boys are fond of racing or automotive worlds. You can bring this theme into the sleeping area.


The selection of neutral colors such as white, gray, Black can be applied to the walls and ceilings of the rooms. Automotive effects can be displayed on room decor.


You can stick or hang the Moto GP poster or Formula 1. Sofa shaped car seat or motor seat can be placed in the corner of the bedroom. Ornament car tires, steering wheel, until the car handlebar can be used to increase the effect of automotive.

There are still a lot of other ideas to design your teenage bedroom, depending on your child’s liking and personality. So you with your teenager can more explore what design is best suited to make the bedroom of their dreams.

Hopefully, information about gorgeous and cozy bedroom design ideas for teenage above can be your reference material. Happy decorating.

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