How to Upgrade the End of Your Builder-Grade Cabinets Quick

How To Upgrade The End Of Your Builder-Grade Cabinets Quick

How to upgrade the end of your builder-grade cabinets is not difficult even quite simple and fast. This page not only informs on one way but two so you can choose and determine the most suitable idea. Why you must do it? Of course, it pertains to tidiness, aesthetic, and sense.

Your kitchen needs those elements so much besides that it helps to strengthen during attaching on the wall. Update builder grade cabinets fast without painting along with this page. Understand the points that you should do later on.

How to upgrade the end of your Builder-Grade Cabinets Easily

Well, the first idea gives a painting touch. It turns out painting is the most effective way that does not spend a lot of costs and easy to conduct. You may brush any color that you like but never go from the theme of the kitchen.

The point is you must choose the best color that makes your kitchen and the furniture look eye-catching. On the other hand, the painting will not damage the quality and aesthetics of the cabinets. Even, it helps to protect the laminate veneer or wood that layer MDF.

Have you known how to paint your builder-grade cabinets? Seemly, you do not understand well about it and may paint without guiding. Follow these 5 ways on update builder grade cabinets fast without painting quite below:

  1. Use TSP cleaner to clean your cabinets
  2. Add deglosser to wipe it and give gloss and shine look without sanding.
  3. Complete with prime bonding and let it dry based on the recommended time. Harding bonding primer that adheres during drying ease to paint the surface without sanding.
  4. Start to paint your cabinet.
  5. Dry it in allotted-time and re-coat as many times you need using different coat roller.

Upgrade the end of Your Builder-Grade Cabinets without Painting

Next, it is the inversion of the prior idea. How to upgrade the end of your builder-grade cabinets is without painting. Anyway, some ideas emerge and ready to practice by everyone easily. It is such as:

  • Upgrade existing cabinet hardware

It belongs to a cheap way to realize planning to upgrade your cabinet. Undertake it by replacing or adding knobs and door pulls, for example.

  • Replace the lights

Indeed, using lights on the cabinet is a good idea that quite expensive than the prior ideas. Nonetheless, it does not matter to try it like an old or unique chandelier. Install it without damaging the bank though.

  • Add molding

Molding is an inexpensive way to update your kitchen and cabinets in custom style.

Apply how to upgrade the end of your builder-grade cabinets not only in the kitchen. You know many interior spaces adorn with this storage furniture. It is easy to find in the bathroom, closet, laundry room, and so on. Choose the rightest idea that also suitable for your budget. Both painting and without paint are good to try. It is nothing difficult although you never try it if you have met this page. Thank you for reading. Good luck!

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