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Inspirational Modern Living Room Decor Ideas for Design

Inspirational Modern Living Room Decor Ideas for Design

We can say that the living room is a representative room for a whole design in that house. So, it is important to get inspirational modern living room decor ideas that give a good impression to your guests.

When you enter a house, which room that gives you the first impression of a whole house? For sure, it is a living room that the first room you might enter once you come to the house of your friends, family, or business partner.

Sometimes, you might feel shy or not confident if your living room doesn’t have the right decoration and furniture. You will think that your guests wouldn’t feel comfortable visiting your house.

It is important to give good and eye-catching designs that suitable for the whole design and concept of your home. However, you must remember that the modern living room is not always identic with expensive furniture or decoration.

To create an elegant and comfortable living room, you can get some inspirational designs of the modern living room to be your ideas. You can mix and match the design, furniture, color, and some decorations.

Don’t forget to create a design and color to be matching for one concept of your modern living room. It is not a good idea if you mix and match more than one concept in a living room.

Creative Ideas for Your Gorgeous Living Room

The living room is one of the interesting spots that need to be designed in an attractive, interesting, and comfortable. If you want to get a good impression and your guest stays in a good mood, it is necessary to make your living room be designed creatively.

If you need some inspirational ideas for the modern living room, below are the reference.

Minimalist Living Room

The minimalist concept is becoming one of the interior design trends nowadays. It can be one of the best choices to be an idea for your modern living room to give an elegant and straightforward impression. You can put a sofa, a table with a vase and flowers, or a small buffet in your living room.

To create more spacious looks, put a mirror is one of the solutions as it can reflect the shade of your living room. For a minimalist concept, it is always pair with a neutral or soft color and not put many colors inside it.

Modern Vintage Living Room

A vintage and rustic that represent an old style is still being one of the most favorite concepts that become a trend. It gives a warm and homey feel when you sit and spend your time in this modern vintage living room.

To create a vintage look, you can design it by using some furniture in a classic style. The natural material such as bamboo or rattan can be one of the best choices also. Don’t forget to choose natural and earth tone colors such as brown to give a more vintage look.

Scandinavian Living Room

For you who love monochrome color, the Scandinavian concept might be the best solution. The furniture that you can put in the Scandinavian living room is identic with minimalist furniture so that it creates a tidy and attractive living room. It looks artsy and elegant without ignoring the comfortable feel.

Natural Living Room

This natural concept of the living room will give a fresh impression for anybody who enters this room. Your guest will feel more comfortable, homey, and relaxed while visiting your house.

You can create a natural look in your living room by putting some furniture in earthy tone colors such as brown, broken white, grey, cream, and many others. Besides, some natural plants is a good idea also to be put on the table or hang it around the wall of your living room.

Retro Living Room

The retro living room is very suitable for you who loves artsy and unique look. This concept has an old style that has been a trend since 1960 up to 1990. It has some classification of different styles in each era, such as art deco, the fifties, pop art, up to seventies.

A retro living room has characteristics of bright and bold colors that be combining and create contrast look. It usually has geometric and repetitive patterns, synthetic material, and has many choices of textures.

Mid-Century Living Room

The first impression of the mid-century living room concept will be shown on its exposed brick wall that looks natural. Everybody will feel warm, cozy, and homey in this room while sitting and reading books or watching television here.

It looks more eye-catching with the natural wooden furniture and arco lights that mounted on the wall.

Modern Oriental Living Room

The ethnic and warm impression can also be realized in the oriental style living room. A classic, simple, and elegant look would create a comfortable feel when you are sitting there.

You can choose earthy tone colors such as dark brown or light brown for the furniture and other ornaments such as flowers, wallpaper, carpet, lamp, and many others.

Boho Living Room

A bohemian style is unique and creative so that it can be one idea to be applied in your living room. It has characteristics on its monochrome design, patterns for sleek, and old-style that create a fresh and colorful outlook.

You can put hanging plants, rattan furniture with natural textures, collecting authentic bohemian style, and hanging art and paint.

Coastal Living Room

Having a coastal living room will make you feel the situation like on the beach. The power that is brought on this coastal living room is bright and breezy. You need to give a beach touch on the colors or furniture there. That is why the coastal concept is always identic with the classic blue and sandy color.

You can choose one of those ideas to be applied in your living room based on your taste and budget to create it. Don’t forget always to match it with the concept of your whole house so that it wouldn’t look too contrasty.

The beautiful and nice living room will not only give a good impression to your guests. At least you will feel satisfied and comfortable with all the things that you create.

Sometimes, you will use this living room to do busy activities or spend your spare time by lying on the sofa. These inspirational modern living room decor ideas might be an excellent reference to be considered on.

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