Inspiring Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Great Design

Inspiring Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Great Design

However, a small bathroom is not a big problem as you can decorate and design it into a nice and cozy look without feeling bad when you enter that small room. The inspiring small bathroom remodels ideas can be your reference to create something attractive in your bathroom.

Sometimes, you might feel not comfortable and stuck when you use your small bathroom to take a bath or brush your teeth. You will feel enjoyable while taking a bath in a comfy bathroom that has a large space complete with bathtub and shower.

If the bathroom is clean and attractive, it can represent the cleanliness of your whole house. It is considered that the bathroom is like a corner and backside room that the people would not be too aware of it. Whereas, this room is the most crucial room that needs to take care, especially about sanitation and cleanliness.

To create an attractive look in a small bathroom, you need to select suitable material that can be matched to the color and concept design. It is important to choose the best color, especially for the wall and floor, to give an interesting look.

Besides, the layout of furniture and other components is important to be put nicely. You can create something better for your small bathroom by doing mix and match of the washstand, bathtub, lighting, curtains, wall, door, window, and floor.

Great Design Ideas for Small Bathroom

A small bathroom might become worse when you can’t make it cozy and clean. There are so many solutions and design ideas that can make a small bathroom looks bigger, comfort, and attractive. It just needs to arrange the proper layout, color matching, and cozy material on it. Below are the ideas for a small bathroom that can inspire you.

Install A Skylight

When you don’t have enough space on the length and width area of your small bathroom, you need to make an option so that it can look bigger. One of the solutions is by installing the skylights as a substitute for the window. The natural sky that you can see from the open tile makes the room brighter, and you will feel bigger even in a small room.

Besides, you can feel the fresh air and direct sunlight that is healthful, especially in the morning. The natural light that enters the small bathroom can anticipate the mushrooms that grow in a humid place like the bathroom.

Try to Use Sliding Door

It is a smart choice to change the ordinary door with a sliding door that will not take up more space when you open it. The design is practical and so easy to open and close it that makes the narrow area looks bigger.

The sliding door would not provide boundaries between spaces, and you can put other stuff on the back door. To create a cozier look, you can choose natural wood or glass material.

Add Full-Height

This furniture is the most wanted stuff that everybody is looking for when they want to see their faces or do the makeup. Most of the bathroom is having this furniture and has the function to wash the face, brush the teeth, or tidy up the makeup.

Whereas, the mirror also very useful to make a small bathroom look bigger. It is because the light bounces off the reflective surfaces from the mirror. You can put it on the wall near the washstand.

Use Wooden Material on The Floor or Wall

The natural wooden floor will make your small bathroom looks elegant, calm, and cozy. Using wooden material for the floor of the bathroom will give some advantages such as make the bathroom floor not too slippery and easy to be cleaned.

You will feel a fresh atmosphere with this natural material. You can apply this material also on the wall to make it more attractive. There are special types of wood that are designed to hold water better than ordinary wood called engineered wood.

A Modern Mix of Materials and Colors

The appropriate color selection for the wall, floor, and other furniture is very important to give an interesting look. The best combination that you can apply in your small bathroom such as color white-dark brown, white-grey, white-blue, white-black, and many others.

With this touch by mixing colors, it will make the small bathroom more alive. Besides, you need to combine modern mix materials such as natural wood, marble, vinyl, or ceramics in some elements to make it more attractive.

Put Some Plants

Bring nature in your room is always a good idea as it can help to increase the fresh air in your small bathroom. You can put the plants on a table, shelves, or hang it in some parts such as at the corner of the wall.

The plants will create a comfy and peace feeling and sometimes can release the stress. When you want to enjoy your free time by taking a bath in the bathtub, you will feel more refresh and calm with these plants around you.

Arrange The Storage Nicely

The furniture such as toilet seat, washstand, mirror, tub, or table is important to be put in the bathroom. However, sometimes it is not good to put a lot of furniture inside as it will make the small bathroom looks full.

You have to arrange all the stuff such as towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other equipment to the right place. Make a hole in the wall is one of the solutions to be the storage place of that equipment without taking up more space inside. Besides, you can hang on some clothes or towels on the wall nicely.

Do a full redesign of your small bathroom might take more energy, time, and money. But, you will feel satisfied after you see the small bathroom that looks large and cozy. Those ideas can be the inspirations for you who have a plan to design the small bathroom nicely.

Basically, you just need to re-arrange the layout, choose the best material, and match the color nicely to create this comfy small bathroom. The inspiring small bathroom remodels ideas will be much completed if you can keep your small bathroom clean every time.

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