Mini Bathroom Makeover to upgrade the style weekly

Mini Bathroom Makeover to upgrade the style weekly

Do you want to optimize your small bathroom without spending a lot of time? You can makeover it on the weekend using a mini bathroom makeover below. Do it less than 30 minutes so that your day off is not only for one activity. After finishing the makeover, you can enjoy it immediately and go on relaxing with your favorite things. The small bathroom makeover that you can do it in a weekend turns out to give a big impact on the result. Scroll down to continue!

3 Mini Bathroom Makeover Tips that you must hear

Please, do not be careless in undertaking a small bathroom makeover. One mistake will give a clear impact that everyone can see it easily. Moreover, small size space always needs circumspection and the bathroom often has a complicated layout.

You need tips to avoid mistakes although just a little bit, you must hear 10 essential things below. After this, you will be more ready to do it alone:

  1. If you want to give a more spacious sense set a pedestal sink. It turns out you can make this sense from installing a shower glass and sleek tiles. However, the combination of pedestal sink and compact toilet creates a teeny feel.
  2. The bathroom is wet, cool, and moist. Warm it in modern touch with installing faux wood tiles.
  3. Give a little more comfort on your tub with choosing an awkward layout and a rotting floor.

Things that you can do on Weekend for your Bathroom

There are many small things to do on the weekend to makeover your bathroom. Some mini bathroom makeover ideas here will not make you tired. Even, it is so exciting and suitable for your weekly habit. Well, here what to do:

  • Standout Accessories

Show off your bathroom with standout accessories like a woven rug coat rack, armchair, or knit pouf.

  • Accent Color

Pick an accent color but it should not always use paint. Use a bold patterned shower curtain or a set of appealing towels. If you want to add it with paint color, try to try a zesty lime. It can make the bathroom feel spacious and fresh.

  • Greenery

Beautify your bathroom with two or three mini potted plants. Put it on the wall shelves, vanity worktop, or beside your bathtub.

  • Appear vintage sense easily

Quite use a repurposed crate for your towel storage space to give a vintage vibe. You can also add a rustic bench and or a vintage mirror as the projects of small bathroom makeover.

  • Play with your backsplash

Standout your backsplash by installing attractive tile pattern like scallop, geometric, and others.

  • Add some artworks

A bathroom never rejects to get some artworks like a couple of framed wedding invitation. Here, it will flow your bathroom harmoniously also show your personal touch.

  • Photo wall

Besides hanging some artworks, you can just hang your photo on the wall. Hang your family member photos!

So, a lot of ideas to undertake a mini bathroom makeover without need many times. You can do it alone or collaborates with your children to make a harmonious sense. Of course, your weekend will be more fun and precious. Thank you for reading. Share it if you feel this post has a big benefit for others.

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