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Mirror Decorations Needs to the Best Selfies on Instagram

Mirror Decorations Needs to the Best Selfies on Instagram

If you want to find inspiration to take the best selfie, you do not have to go far away from home. There are many things at home that you can use as a background of a selfie, for example, your living room or bedroom mirror. Therefore, you need to think of which kind of decorations that your mirror needs to have the best selfies on Instagram.

Who does not love to wake up and see a beautiful mirror in the corner? You can take a fantastic wake up or after makeup selfie by using it as a background. You can buy a wonderfully designed mirror, request a custom one from a mirror crafter, or making a DIY mirror frame. You can choose the best mirror to suit your style and taste.

If you are not sure about what decorations you are going to choose, below are some inspirations. A clean, large mirror will do the best after you decorate it. You will be able to show your personality through a simple mirror. It will make your outfit looks outstanding for a selfie on Instagram.

Beautiful Decorations for Your Mirror

There are so many wall mirror decorating ideas available around you. You can choose something luxurious, simple, memorable, vintage, natural, or many other concepts. You can buy the decorations, or use what you have at home. The following are some ideas to create a beautiful mirror to support your selfie.

1. A Shining Frame

Do you want to feel like an actress behind the stage? You can consider transforming a boring mirror into a shining one. Choose some lights and put it as a frame. You can choose whether you want dim lights or the more sparkling ones. If you like simplicity, a single LED light or a series of tiny lights will do the best. A giant spotlight will create a backstage mirror look alike.

2. Showing off Your Hobby

If you have a particular hobby and you want to show it on Instagram, consider having a frame made of tiny things related to it. If you like to play basketball, you can arrange cute basketball squishes into a frame. If you love Disney, you can have a series of small Disney toys and make it into a frame. You can highlight what you love this way. No more captions needed.

3. Creating A Texture

A flat mirror will be perfect after you add some texture around it. So, consider having a wood carving as a frame to warm your room. To add something futuristic, get an artistic glass frame. You can request a designer to make it, or design it yourself and go to a crafter. Your mirror will look adorable and look grande with the new texture.

4. Flowers

If having real flowers as a frame around your mirror is too complicated, consider having artificial flowers instead. If you’re still not sure about how to decorate a mirror with flowers, there are so many types of artificial flowers you can buy. Choose a series of small flowers in the same color if you need a classic or vintage frame. If you want to have something different, you can get colorful flowers of varying sizes.

5. Stickers

Do you have some favorite stickers at home? Why don’t you try to stick and arrange them as a frame around the mirror? Various kinds of stickers will do, and you need to think about where to put each of them. Buy some new labels to show your personality. It is a fun and cute way to highlight your mirror. Combining stickers and a mirror decoration craft will give a different feel.

6. Memorable Photos

Rather than buying some new photo frames and hang them somewhere, you can stick some memorable photos around the mirror. You can always remember the most unforgettable moments in your life by looking at the pictures. If you upload a selfie with this kind of mirror as a background, you will be able to show people around you what they meant to you.

7. Colorful Feathers

Feathers can be the right choice if you want to add some volume to your mirror. Get several feathers, as many as you want. Attach it to a string, so that you can put it around the mirror. This frame can give a luxurious, glamorous, or cute effect, depending on the type, color, and amount of feathers you choose. It is effortless and affordable.

8. Shabby and Chic

If you have a chic style home, think of these mirror decoration ideas for living room. Whether it is made of wood or any other materials, the shabby chic frame is always the best for your beloved mirror. You can also put some ornaments to highlight your unique and beautiful personality.

Those are some ideas to decorate your mirror, especially if you want to use it as a background for your photo. If you think you need some custom design, challenge yourself to follow some DIY mirror frame decorating ideas. You will find it refreshing to have a unique mirror, different from what the others have.

Choosing the Best Decorations for Your Mirror

Before buying anything to decorate your mirror, you have to think about what you want. What kind of personality that you want people to see? Thinking about it will lead you to decorate your mirror into something suits your taste well. Some of you might love something simple, and the other like glamorous designs.

After that, think about the budget you are going to spend. Having luxurious spotlights as a mirror frame will be great, but do you need it? If your answer is yes, and you have all of the money to afford it, then you can buy it. However, if you think the budget you are going to spend for decorations that your mirror needs to have the best selfies on Instagram is too much, consider having something simpler and more affordable.

Are you ready to get transform your mirror?

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