Modern Vintage Cottage-Style Home Cozily for Couple

Modern Vintage Cottage-Style Home Cozily For Couple

A home-feel modern vintage cottage comes to stay by the couple like you and your wife. Have you got the right remodel tips for this kind of the house? The cottage design is Brian and Annisa Zajac own. They name it a Cape Cod cottage where Indianapolis, Indiana is the location. It is a flawless couple cottage for a honeymoon or other purposes. The article about modern country cottage today comes with a lot of purposes. You must read and see it because the design is worth to follow. Let’s check this out!

Modern Vintage Cottage Design for Couple with Stunning Blend

Never give up making your spouse happy and always living comfort. Ask her for living in your cottage with a stunning blend of modern and vintage in one beautiful outlook. The modern vintage cottage design in Cape Cod-style brings a monochrome color scheme. You can see it clear from the black wooden exterior wall. Here, it welcomes you along with the dark wood fence and the white focal point. White front door and the white shutter windows make the façade house mesmerizing.  On the other hand, it presents a warm-feel interior design by presenting brown wood shiplap.

Same as Brian and Annisa, you will have several favorite spots to stay longer together. Well, let’s see the design of the modern country cottage house in detail including the favorite spots inside:

  1. The first favorite spot is in the kitchen that is extremely convenient to gather with your family. The kitchen blends three colors of black, brown, and white balance in the kitchen. Secondly, it is in the living room that has a wood-burning fireplace facing a comfy white sofa. It is the best spot to spoil your wife while drinking coffee.
  2. Indeed, this house has a lot of privileges that make it feels serenity.
  3. The serenity sense will comes from candle burning scent, fireplace, organic elements, and the neutral tones.
  4. Alongside that, the stunning outlook of the house comes from French-Style antique craftsmanship furniture.

5 Modern Country Cottage Style Tips that you must apply

The cottage is a temporary living for holiday but the design often steals people’s attention. Therefore, this page presents the modern vintage cottage from Indianapolis, Indiana above. If you plan to follow their inspiration, you should listen to these tips:

  • Color

Touch with up-to-date color to show off the furniture and enhance the architectural detail.

  • Furniture style

This kind of splendid idea matches uses the furniture in mid-century style. Make it look unique and modern by highlighting the painted pieces and mix them.

  • Texture

Show off the modern country cottage look through the organic textures as the key element. Use a rough surface touch like an concrete floor, exposed brick wall, uneven tones, and so on. Do not have the organic sense to realize the planning? Try to apply the wall paneling, woven wire piece, and others.

  • Reclaimed

Such as you see, the uniqueness of an outlook can comes from the reclaimed wood materials. It also gives a character to your house and emerges from an environmental perspective.

  • Pattern

The pattern gives modern sense and geometric also chevron is the best pattern to use here.

Well, those are tips and the example of the modern vintage cottage design to follow. Modify with your creativity to get a modern, vintage, and convenient living. Good luck!

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