Monochrome Home with Modern Pink Guest Washroom

Monochrome Home with Modern Pink Guest Washroom

Who says that monochrome home design cannot have a bright vibe like a pink hue? A couple of Ana and Bryan can show it perfectly without interfering with each other. It implies this pampering color (pink) will not damage the sense of monochrome that dominants with black and white. They unite while keeping stand individually. Well, remove your confusion along with a best modern monochrome home decor below. Let’s focus on the pink guest washroom to spoil your lovely people!

Modern Monochrome Home touches with a soft Pink Color

Here, the reference to this monochrome home design is the house of Ana and Brian in Houston. Seemly, they so appreciate all guests that come to their dwell with a lovely touch of pink. A pink guest washroom is not only suitable for women or girls but it is for all. The color is just to warm the ambiance from the cold of black and white. Why do they choose the washroom? They can use this room after having a long journey. They also need to wash their hands and makeover.

On the other hand, providing this mini sanitary room for them is useful to make your bathroom keep private. So, how does this couple present this catchy pink washroom for guests? Let’s check the detailed structure of modern monochrome decor:

Soft Pink touches every Room that you might not realize

It turns out, this monochrome home design not only gives the touch in the guest washroom. Indeed, this room is more dominant with the pink hue until you not realize that all interior space also has this touch. For more information, here are the room views with different soft pink style:

  • Ana and Brian touch their monochrome baby room with a warm soft pink. It radiates from the trendy pendant lamp and some accessories.
  • The entry room or mudroom shows the pink tone simply using the same kind of the baby room pendant lamp. Then, it tucks a pink doll on the wall wooden shelf.
  • Black and white open kitchen presents this bright tone from the lighting and some displays.
  • Lastly, some pink colors in the living area in the form of the rug, couches, and blanket. Once more, the dining area behind shows it on the abstract wall painting.

Do you attract to try the way of pink touch in this modern monochrome home décor above? The guest washroom is so pretty and unique so that all feel special when entering this room. Implement a simple way to present the pink hue without spending a high budget. But, you can modify or add your creativity to emphasize this idea. Good luck!

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