Pretty Pink Bedroom Ideas for Your Lovely Daughter

Pretty Pink Bedroom Ideas for Your Lovely Daughter

Other than color, the selection of furniture and bedroom accessories are essential. You can collaborate with your girl to determine which items are the most suitable in the bedroom. Here are some design ideas to decorate your pretty pink bedroom ideas for your lovely daughter.

Pink color has always been the favorite color of girls. Make your bedroom girls with pink nuance will surely make them happy. You can jointly design and choose the most suitable decoration for their pink room.

Pink Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Make a girls bedroom pink nuance, of course, an idea that your child will like, especially if your child is a big fan of pink color. The pink color is currently not only one type, but there are also different types of shades of pink with varying levels of brightness and saturation.

So you have a lot of color spectrum options for pink. Start from pale pink to brightly pink or hot pink. Designing a pink bedroom does not require you to apply all the pink colors to the room interior. You can combine it with neutral colors such as black, white, or gray.

Sophisticated Soft-Pink

If your girl is not so fond of a very bright pink color. The soft pink color can use as a choice. The pink color will look beautiful when combined with white or gray color. Bed cover with soft pink or blush pink will be more attractive with canopy equipped with transparent white curtain.

To be more interesting, you can add vanity table makeup made of wood and then painted in a soft pink color. Add details of the pink shades by sticking to some stickers of pink cartoon characters like Hello-Kitty, or others.

Vibrant Pink Look Fascinating

The vibrant pink or hot pink has a brighter spectrum of colors. The decorations with this color can stir up the spirit and fresh for your girl’s bedroom. However, you don’t need to apply this color to all your furniture and room decorations. It can be painful eyes and will be boring for a long time.

Just use on throw-pillow, blanket, or decorative accessories like table-lamp, drawing frame, charming-rug. You can add details of furniture with carvings, motifs, or neutral-colored embroidery and pink blush.

Mix with Pale Pink

Pale pink has a not so bright pink color or saturated shade of pink. Due to its unobtrusive color, this color can apply to the entire room by matching together with other neutral and soft colors.

A pale pink decoration can use on bed sheets with a pale pink polka dot motif, then mix with a light pink pillow or the soft pink bed cover. The Bohemian pink rug can be your choice to accentuate the pink feel. The display of yarn pom made of wool with various shades of gorgeous pink color can place on the child’s bed.

Classic Pink

The classic pink themed bedroom design is guaranteed to make the bedroom more mesmerizing and elegant. The details of the classic theme can be highlighted by furniture such as armchairs and wood bed frames carved with soft curved lines.

Light pink colored chandelier and wallpaper patterned classic pink will be very interesting in the children’s room. The use of window curtains with pale pink embroidered details adds a classic atmosphere to the room.

Pink Shades of Rose

Rose Pink is one of the types of pink color that many girls have liked. The soft and warm pink color makes it easy to combine it with other colors. Rose pink can apply to your room wall paint or plain wallpaper or rose-patterned flower.

Vintage rose pink picture frame can accentuate pink nuance in the bedroom. Pink artificial rose can be a decorative hanging accessory for bedroom walls. The color combination of furniture that matches rose pink color is brown, black, and Gray. You can apply those colors to your chair, stool, wardrobe, or table.

Always Bright with Fuchsia Pink

Similar to hot pink, fuchsia pink is a combination of pink and purple, so the color is a little dark. This color match with white color for the basic room decoration. Fuchsia pink can apply to the decoration of the room, such as a curtains motive, French-style fuchsia, throw pillow, blanket, wardrobe, painting frame.

Use also a pale pink color to compensate for the pink fuchsia on accessories such as lantern lamp, headboard, or rug.

The Pattern of Pink Floral

Girls always love a flower. You can change your bedroom with pink floral themed. Pink floral Motif such as Rose, Sakura, Mandevilla, Tulip, or hollyhock can apply to wall wallpaper, drawing or painting, window curtain, or bed canopy curtain.

Pair with pink blush color or peach color will make the child’s bedroom more eye-catching. Posters or cartoon ornaments such as Hello Kitty can be a beautiful display.

Pink Peach for Glamorous

If you want to display a glamorous or luxurious impression in your girl’s pink bedroom, the peach-pink color fits once.

This color is very liked as decoration in a wedding event because it brings a luxurious and gentle impression. You can apply the decoration of the room ranging from bed cover, pillow, window curtain, curtain bed canopy, sofa to the dressing table of your girl.

Pink and Black, Why Not?

If you want a slightly different pink nuance, you can mix the pink and black colors. These two colors will bring a cozy and warm atmosphere in your child’s bedroom.

Apply a pink blush color to the room walls and window blinds. The wooden or iron-wood frame can be painted with black color, white bed cover with a pink pillow, chandelier, mirror frame, chairs colored black.

Embody your girl’s bedroom with pink shades everywhere is not too difficult. Choice of various gradations and types of pink color you can combine to create the balance of colors that want to be displayed. Most importantly, adapt the selection of room decorations to your girl’s tastes and preferences.

Description of some ideas to realize pretty pink bedroom ideas for your lovely daughter can be your consideration and reference material in realizing your daughter’s dream bedroom.

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