Rustic DIY Kitchen by accentuating the Kitchen Island

Rustic DIY Kitchen by accentuating the Kitchen Island

The rustic DIY kitchen today focuses on the kitchen island as the soul of the kitchen. Indeed, many elements show this farmhouse style such as from the paint color, racks, and so on. However, the kitchen island is the center of activity and attention. Therefore, it does not matter to highlight the rustic kitchen ideas through this center kitchen table. See the eye-catchy designs and how to make it. Save and print things that you should know like the tools, materials, and steps. Today, you will make it!

Rustic DIY Kitchen “Island” Tools and Materials

Let’s work! Today, you truly realize your rustic kitchen ideas through this main table. It turns out people can easily their favorite design of rustic kitchen island including here. You can choose an island with trash storage, rolling island, farmhouse two-tone island, kitchen cart, or island dining. Wait! Do you have another idea for your kitchen island? Anything your idea, you will make one for your kitchen. Learn from the kitchen island below starting from the materials:

Meanwhile, the tools to support your performances for applying the rustic kitchen ideas are:

Rustic Kitchen Island mixes with Industrial Accent finishes in 6 Steps

By the way, the rustic kitchen island to make today has an industrial sense from the metal pipes. The industrial sense here adds the uniqueness of your rustic DIY kitchen.  Okay, you have gathered many tools and materials. It is time to start the process within a total of 6 steps:

  1. Prepare the wood

Cut rough length the wood in 2x6s and rip off the rounded edges in 4-1/2 in dimension.

  1. Make and assemble three racks

Your kitchen island has 3 racks or shelves where the top surface is your table. Meanwhile, two of them will be the storage spaces. You will make and assemble the shelves from 6 boards wide. Use a biscuit joiner to cut the slots and glue the edges of the boards.  Afterward, insert biscuits and clamp them.

  1. Sand and trim

Sand the shelves with a belt sander and continue with a random orbital sander for up it to 180-grit. Next, clamp the straightedge each shelf to trim off using a circular saw. Mark 48 in.

  1. Install the black pipe

Here, creating rustic kitchen ideas uses a black steel pipe that has a rustic-proof coating. However, you must make the shelves clean by removing it using mineral spirit. Screw the back steel but do not attach the bottom legs and do not add the top floor flanges.

  1. Drill the shelves in the center

Drill the center of the shelves to assemble the top pipe “H” that has 4 inches distance from both ends. Then, outline the 6″ ends and marks the location of the drill hole (1-3/8 diameter) use a Forstner bit.

  1. Assemble your kitchen island

Lastly, you must assemble your kitchen island.

Is it easy or difficult to make this rustic industrial kitchen island? Rustic DIY kitchen by standout the kitchen island is the rightest way and low budget.

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