Simple and Effective Tank Tray Tips for Your Bathroom

Simple and Effective Tank Tray Tips for Your Bathroom

If you want to have a beautiful bathroom, consider having a simple decoration. You can install a bathroom toilet tank tray to make the countertop organized. There are some tank tray tips for your bathroom that you can apply easily. The tank tray will be useful to put some necessary items that you frequently use in the bathroom.

A toilet tank tray organizer is useful because people tend to create clutter if they don’t arrange it well. So, it is a perfect way to make your bathroom neater. Moreover, a tank tray that you choose or create carefully will be a beautiful decorative element. Now, you make sure that every room in your house is comfortable, calming, and beautiful.

Some people want a luxurious tank tray, but some others need a simple or a cute one. If you have no specific theme in your bathroom, you can start to think about what style can be the best for it. A tray is usually portable so that you can move it anywhere. However, you can install the tray semi-permanently.

Tank Tray Tips and Ideas for Your Bathroom

Every bathroom has a style, and a tank tray should match it well. Buying or creating a DIY tank tray is easy, as long as you keep in mind that everything should be purposeful. Below are some toilet tank tray ideas and tips that you can follow.

1. Think About the Size and the Material

Before thinking about the design, go and measure your toilet tank countertop. You need to make sure that the tray you are going to use is not larger than the size. Next, pick the best material of the tray. There are many types of tray materials that you can choose, starting from wood, leather, glass, acrylic, and many more.

2. What Should Be on A Tank Tray

If you have picked the best material in a fit size, you can start to choose the things you are going to put on it. Hand lotion, a jar filled with cotton buds, bottles of fragrances, and finger towels are some of the options. If you want something sweet, warm, and romantic, you can pick a candle to beautify the tray. Some people put a tissue box and hand sanitizer.

3. Add Greens or Flowers

Add visual interest by placing flowers or any greens on your tank tray. Dried flowers arranged in a glass or enamel vase can stay longer. Fresh white roses and jasmine will bring natural fragrances, creating a relaxing mood. If you are busy and you need something with less maintenance, faux florals or faux greenery will be perfect.

4. Avoid Slipping Off

If you are afraid that your tray slips off easily, cut some Velcro strips, and stick them under the tray. Attach the pieces to the toilet tank, and push the toilet tray down to make it stay firmly. It will help you to avoid the risks of broken jars or glasses because the tank tray slips off.

5. Fit the Theme and Colors

It is time to develop a theme that suits your personality. If you want a glamorous theme, you can get a faux python patterned tray. If you have a retro style bathroom, you might want to install a handmade style mirrored tray. Put jars of bath salts and perfume made in 50s style will fit the retro style perfectly.

6. Wooden Tray

A wooden tray can add some warmth to the bedroom. There are many types of the wooden tray that you can choose. If you like a natural look, you can buy a wooden tray with minimalist finishing. If you want something different, you should install a wooden tray painted in your favorite color. A grey wooden tray can make your bathroom look more modern.

7. Playing with Glass

Do you know that a mirrored glass tray can match almost any bathroom style? Try to install it and feel the sense of classy that it creates. Put some glass bottles filled up with your favorite fragrances and a small bouquet in a glass vase. When the sun shines throw the ventilation, this combination of glasses will create fantastic light effects.

8. Letterings

If you have a powerful quote, you can write it down on the tray. It will give a beautiful ornament for the tank tray. If you have no quote in mind, but you still want to write something, try some useful expressions, such as ‘Please Be Seated’ or ‘Wash Your Worries Away’. It will make the toilet users feel more comfortable in the bathroom.

9. Clean It Regularly

Don’t forget to clean your tank tray regularly. A wood toilet tank tray may need more frequent cleaning, compared to the acrylic tank tray. You can schedule tank tray cleaning twice a month or more. However, do not hesitate to do a fast cleaning out of the schedule when you see it dirty. Having a well-maintained tank tray can boost up the mood of the toilet users.

Those are some tips to choose and install a beautiful tray on the tank countertop. A tank tray can add a delicate and elegant sense in the bathroom. The nuance of the decoration depends on what kind of tray you choose and what things that you put on it. You can create either a traditional or sophisticated look. If you can keep it maintained, you will find out that the tray is highly useful.

Keeping It Neat and Beautiful

Following those tank tray tips for your bathroom can help you to add a beautiful decoration in your home. Now you know that a simple tray can create a delicate touch on the toilet. Although a tank tray is adding a new space for storage, you should keep in mind that it is not a place for any clutter. Clean it, stay neat, and let it serve its functions of simple storage and decoration.

Have you thought about the style you are going to apply to create a personalized tank tray in the bathroom?

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