Space-Saving Bathroom Organization Ideas to Optimize your Tiny Bathroom Easily

Space-Saving Bathroom Organization Ideas to Optimize your Tiny Bathroom Easily

You cannot live if you are just smart but not creative. Moreover, it is about how to overcome your small bathroom décor. Most people choose to solve this problem by using storage design. You should follow and try space-saving bathroom organization ideas that are extremely inspiring.

Why do you choose to make your tiny bathroom look spacious from the storing? The bathroom is a place to clean up your body. It needs tools inside from toiletries and others. It will be difficult to realize it without these space-saving bathroom storage ideas.

Space-Saving Bathroom Organization Ideas: Why what to store and not store

Before jumping on the list of space-saving bathroom organization ideas, you must know one thing. There will be numerous items to store in the bathroom are more than for taking a bath. It is why, the bathroom always needs vanity set with storage, rack, cabinet, and closet.

This room is suitable for storing towels, shower supplies, toiletries, first aid kits, toilet paper, hairdryer, curler, and flat iron. On the other hand, it is possible to sore:

  • Special-occasion makeup
  • Paper and reading materials
  • Jewelry
  • Linens

However, you cannot store medications on space-saving bathroom storage ideas. Those are like pills that need a good place with good moisture. Put it in the kitchen for this reason and get water for drinking afterward.

Secondly, you cannot save bills, paperwork, and mail here because the humidity makes it warped when wetting. Lastly, never store non-waterproof electronic equipment although you like to listen to music or news.  Water, of course, will damage it so that quite leave in around the shower or sink.

5 Awesome Space-Saving Bathroom Organization Ideas to use in 2020

You cannot get rid of any storage item in the bathroom. Many items must store inside although your bathroom is not large. Do not be sad because space-saving bathroom storage ideas have provided 5 items to use:

  1. Magnetic Strips on Closet/ Cabinet Doors

The name is Bobby pins that you can attach inside the cabinet door using tape. Add magnetic strips on the tape for the next necessary.

  1. Paper towel holder on the table

Such as you read before, the bathroom may store jewelry. Use a while square paper towel holder with a long vertical while pole. The bottom space is for saving jewel and the upper section is for the towels.

  1. Contemporary Brown White Wooden Wall File

Next, adore your bathroom with this cute mini white wooden wall file with a light brown accent. It is extremely suitable for storing small bottles, a brush, even a wallet.

  1. Chic White Floral Pattern Holders

It turns out the white wall holders with black floral pattern has a cute shape like pockets. It adorns a light brown color wall in an eye-catching appearance.

  1. Cheap White Shower Organizer Net

Lastly, there is a hanging net shower organizer on a metal shower ring. It is not expensive but the material is strong to load at least 6 heavy items. Although it is cheap, the appearance is so attractive and credible.

You can use a wrought iron cart, adhesive hooks, mirrored wall cabinet, and tension rod. Feel free to add tiered storage, basket shelf, high shelf, and trendy towel racks. So, trying space-saving bathroom organization ideas in this article is not difficult. But, it is always exciting to try! Good luck!

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