The Best Raising Kitchen Cabinets and Adding an Open Shelf

The Best Raising Kitchen Cabinets And Adding An Open Shelf

Have you known how to raising kitchen cabinets and adding an open shelf? It turns out this housework does not difficult to conduct and not long to finish. Lately, people change their kitchen layout by trying to elevate their cupboard into the ceiling. It turns out this idea gives new additional benefits for them.

There will be no rat running on the top of your cupboard. Besides that, it adds storage space without spending much money. Learn how to raise your kitchen cabinet to the ceiling to follow the latest trend.

Raising Kitchen Cabinets and adding an Open Shelf

Raising the kitchen cabinet and adding an open shelf gives a new nuance for your kitchen. Everyone can do it easily as long as she/ he get the right tutorial to undertake it. This section will show steps to elevate the kitchen cabinet first. It may not need a lot of time to do. Nonetheless, it is so important to truly pay attention to each step such as the following:

  • Firstly, you should move your cabinets and everything following it to prepare the wall. After moving on the safe area, clean the wall from dust and any obstacle. Then, you need to open the cabinets by unscrewing the four screws.
  • Install the cabinets on the place/ wall that you have prepared before. Hopefully, you have paid attention to the condition of the ceiling that may not always flat. Therefore, it left about one inch as the gap between the ceiling and the cabinet top. Use a molding in 1x 2 to make the gap.
  • Different from the wall-mounted or floating ceiling, you must screw it from the inside. Ensure all (four) screws) install into the wall’s stud. But, find your studs first by marking a line.

Finally, your housework to elevate your kitchen cabinets finishes only in three steps. Nonetheless, you still have one duty that relates to something patchy and lovely. You also should ensure that the cabinets are truly safe hanging on the ceiling while loading many items. Afterward, you still add an open shelf to add the function of the kitchen.

2 Steps for Adding Open Shelf under or beside the Kitchen Cabinets

The idea to add an open shelf is very beneficial for you who have a small kitchen and cabinet. In reality, realize how to raise kitchen cabinets and adding an open shelf just spends several steps. Even, it merely spends 2 steps to finish your open shelf storage:

  1. Cut in length the shelf while adding mounting strips on every end. Cut four 9-in for creating the wine glass molding in a 3 feet length. Afterward, glue and nail them to the pine shelf on the bottom part.
  2. Secondly, cut the bracket of each end a maple board in a curvy shape and 1 x 6. Besides that, cut to make the shelf edging by cutting wide in 1 inch. Then, drive screws to each side of the cabinets by installing the unit.

Okay, that is detailed information on the raising kitchen cabinets and adding an open shelf 2020. Do not skip this brilliant idea that anti-spending much money, energy, and budget. Good luck!

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