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Two Industrial Modern Wood and Metal Shelves

Two Industrial Modern Wood And Metal Shelves

Rustic, industrial, and farmhouse cannot decorate a room without involving a shelf. However, these old and humble decorations have privilege shelves. It is about two industrial modern wood and metal shelves.  This mixing gives a sense of balancing era from the traditional wood materials and metal industry materials.

Of course, you can feel it properly from the metal brackets, wood planks, pipe shelves, and so on. Find the best industrial wall shelves you will love in 2020 that keep long-lasting in the next years. Let’s check it dot!

Two Industrial Modern Wood and Metal Shelves

In this section, two industrial modern wood and metal shelves present two things. Firstly, it is about the styles of pipe shelves and secondly about metal shelf bracket with wood planks. Well, let’s start by presenting the pipe shelves. People combine pipe or plumbing with wood planks in two ways. Firstly, it appears on a shelf using the pipe as the shelf brackets. Secondly, it stands between the wood planks as the shelf poles. For more information, let’s see how to build plumbing shelves DIY:

Prepare 4 pipes in 1-inch diameter that cut to size, 1″ of 4 caps, and 4 Galvanized Floor Flanges. It has the same size as 1 inch too. Cut wood in two for equal shelves, prepare sandpaper, rags, stain, and black spray paint one bottle. Add four straps in 1 inch with two-holes, dark screws, dark washers, dark nuts, and 16 wall anchors.

  • Direction for two industrial modern wood and metal shelves
  1. Cut pipe cut to size where one large pipe breaks into four equal-sized pieces.
  2. Washed the pipe from the oil off and once they were dry, sandpaper and spray using a flat black color.
  3. Use a thicker piece of wood to get thick wood shelves. Go on with the stain(e.g. espresso color) to coat it. Spray paint on the pipe and you will be ready to hang it after dry.
  4. Use four anchors to use it each floor flange before inserting dark screws and camouflage with the dark paint.
  5. Install the pipe and screw-on caps. Then, use the pipes’ top to put the shelf.

By the way, all parts of two industrial modern wood and metal shelves are, surely, farmhouse style. Farmhouse style itself identical with rustic wood finishes, white or neutral palette, weather woods. It is also identical with vintage style in exposed beams, chunky wall shelves.

Kinds of Metal Shelf Brackets

Farmhouse style wall shelf gives a practical storage space that enhances the aesthetic. Even, it can enhance the overall look of the house from the living room to the kitchen. However, industrial racks do not always use the pipe as the metal material. It often highlights this material from the shelf brackets. Metal shelf brackets itself has various styles and materials. You can use it in vintage, simple, luxury, and so on. You may choose it from brass, cast iron, steel, and the rest.

Okay, that is new information on two industrial modern wood and metal shelves. Pay attention to the pipe/ metal material as the brackets or suspensions. It turns out this nice, warm, and modest wall shelves are suitable for decorating all the rooms at home. Feel free to hang it in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room, bedroom, and others. Good luck!

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