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Unique Dormitory Decoration You Can Actually Afford

Unique Dormitory Decoration You Can Actually Afford

In the new school year, students will be busy with many things, one of which is decorating the dorm room. There may be among you who are still confused, how to decorate your dorm room to make it look unique and comfortable.

To creating a unique dorm room, decoration must be different from the existing one. The selection of furniture from bed to bedroom accessories should be something that eye-catching, adorable, gorgeous, and so on.

Here are some ideas that could be your guide to realizing unique dorm decor you can actually afford.

Unique Dorm Decor

The term “unique” means something different from the other. The way to create a unique dorm room is through the selection and arrangement of the whole furniture in different ways. Here is a choice of unique furniture and bedroom accessories.

Eye-Catching Wallpaper

Decorating the dorm room will be easier if you make use of wallpapers available with various colors and motifs instead of repainting the walls.

For your room to look unique, choose wallpaper with unusual motives like graffiti mural wallpaper, picture map of the world, traveling places in the world, or abstract pattern. Friends who visit your dorm room are guaranteed to be surprised to see your eye-catching wallpaper.

Faux Fur Could Be The Best Choice

The use of faux fur in your dorm room may impress excessively. However, it will look unique because there is rarely use. You can use faux fur as a throw pillow cover or small blanket made from faux fur.

In addition to unique, your dorm room decor will look very elegant and comfortable to spend time with your friends. For color, choose soft or neutral faux fur like white, grey, or soft-pink.

Brightly Light String

Today’s teenagers are passionate about bedroom decor using light strings. Night lighting from light strings is perfect for your dorm. You can make the word shape or stretch it curved in one of the walls of your dorm room. Creativity is indispensable for a series of unique and exciting light strings.

Inspiration Quote On Your Wall

Displaying the inspiration quotes into the current decorating trend. This unique decoration can display on the wall with gold, silver, or neutral colors with unique frames. Choose a quote that can inspire and give a passion for many people.

There are many quote options that you can cite from influential figures such as Einstein, Jillian Michael, Mahatma Gandhi, and others. Besides being unique, the quote you choose can be your power plant before starting the day.

Cool Poster for Your Dorm

If you intend to install artwork such as original painting but your budget is limited, you can replace it with print artwork that is a poster. The choice of drawing themes on posters is very much. For bedrooms, nature-themed posters or landscapes can help you to relax and have a good night’s sleep.

The poster doesn’t need to be too big, that would be enough with small-sized posters. To make it look unique, the unusual poster setup you can try. For example, arranged asymmetrically. Or you can choose a poster with a puzzle theme that can be arranged.

Fabulous Mirror

For a girl dorm room, it must be a mirror in the room. The unique impression can bring out the mirror view, especially from the mirror frame shape.

You can choose a medium-sized or large mirror depending on your needs. To make the mirror look unique, you can paste the sticker on each side of the mirror frame. Or glue your favorite flower, clam-shell, or photo collection. Those can be alternative mirror frame decoration.

Cute Vase with Plant

Adding small accessories in your dorm room like a flower vase can be your choice. To showcase unique effects, you can buy animal-shaped vases, dolls, or cartoon characters. Or you can also make your handmade vase from bottle material or used cans repainted and given decoration detail according to your creativity.

The plant options can be either genuine or fake. If you choose the original crop, pick a potted plant that is small and easy to care like aloe vera or cactus.

Unique Storage

When you live in a dorm, you definitely need a storage place beside a closet to hold your collection, makeup tools, or hair accessories.

Small storage places are certainly widely available in stores but generally just squares or rounded. To bring out the unique impression of your dorm room, choose storage that is slight “out of the box” or strange-for example. The storage from skull head, coffin, cartoon character or superhero, etc.

Chic Rug and Tapestry

Choice of accessories such as carpet suitable for a place to chat with your friends. Choose a soft carpet with unique motifs such as hippie motif, mosaic, graffiti, smile, etc. These unique and attractive carpet accessories make you and your friends feel at home to linger.

Printed Hanging wall Tapestry can also be another alternative to show the unique impression of your dorm room. Choose from unusual tapestry motifs like marble art, world map, and others.

The Vintage Things

Vintage objects will always look unique because they are rarely found anywhere. Lots of vintage objects that can be your dorm room decoration. Such as vintage clocks, old wood carving artwork, vintage table lamps, little birdcages, old drawing, and so forth.

Throw Pillow Cover

A throw pillow cover is always an interesting object in your dorm room. You can hunt for cute and cool throw pillow covers in an online store. Superhero image, your name initial sign, abstract motif, or you’re photo printed so the best choice for your dorm room.

To make your unique dorm room, you only needed to organize and choose furniture that differs from the other. Don’t be afraid to express your dorm room uniqueness, and don’t forget to ask your friends for opinions and suggestions to assess your dorm room decorations.

Description of some ideas to realize unique dorm decor can be your consideration and reference material in realizing your dream dorm room.

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