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Vaulted Ceiling to create more Open-Space as Smart Home Layout

Vaulted Ceiling To Create More Open-Space As Smart Home Layout

There are some things about a vaulted ceiling to create more open space that sounds as myth and true.  House that builds a vaulted ceiling creates a more spacious illusion because the height is tall. On the other hand, it is not an illusion because the house always provides more space for three interior decors. It always inspires architects to unite a living room, dining area, and kitchen without any partition. Let’s clarify the vaulted ceiling pros, cons, myth, and truth to change your mindset. Finish it, here!

How to utilize Vaulted Ceiling to create more Open Space Easily

Utilizing the vaulted ceiling design is not difficult but it does not allow underestimating. If you never do it before, precisely, you search a lot of information about it first. Gather ideas, concepts, and the open space layout styles as many as possible. The following are a few examples that worth getting your attention. Well, let’s see the detailed concept and design:

The house is the result of Australian architecture studio FIGR and it establishes in Melbourne. This modern living has a pitched roof behind standing seam black metal siding, weatherboard, and Silvertop Ash shiplap siding. You can see inside the vaulted ceiling are the living room, kitchen, dining room, and also loft area.

  • Open Living Room

Under this tall ceiling, your eyes will directly attract to the living room. It decorates with the couch that focuses on the black fireplace on the custom-built low shelf.

  • Dining Area

Next, the dining room stands behind your couch that highlights the vaulted ceiling ideas from the pallet wood walls. It also creates a backdrop to perfect your meal. Elegant chic dark stone table top mixes with some Mid Century S-Shaped chairs perfectly.

  • Kitchen Area

Meanwhile, the kitchen adds a large Kitchen Island with the black accents that become the lost area too. There is a ladder to gain the loft area in the kitchen. On the other hand, the kitchen looks fresh by the finishing of mirrored backsplash reflecting the backyard.

Pros and Cons of the Vaulted Ceiling

The pros and cons of the vaulted ceiling to create more open space always emerge current questions. Both birth some myths and truths that spread from mouth to mouth quickly. Now, this page has some pros and cons to straighten out all misconceptions about the vaulted ceiling:

  • Pros

Up to now, most people still confuse to regard that the vaulted ceiling can create a larger space. But, it depends on you or the opinion is subjective so the statement can be true and myth. However, the vaulted ceiling truly can increase the light and air in the room. It is because this kind of ceiling is possible to add more skylights and the exposed beam.

  • Cons

The house is less energy-efficient because it includes a notorious energy-waster.  Most vaulted ceiling home designs come from the traditional or very old era so it may look outdated. Besides that, you will get difficulty to add existing home.

Well, that is the concept of the vaulted ceiling to create more open space for three interior décors at glance. It is a brilliant idea to present the living room, dining area, and kitchen together under the tall vaulted ceiling. Do not worry about the cons of the vaulted ceiling because it is just a subjective perception. Good luck!

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